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5 Ways To Really Surprise Someone on Their Birthday (How)

Are you tired of having the same routine for your loved one’s birthday and want to surprise them in a way that they’ll never forget? You’re probably looking for creative ideas for a real birthday surprise, not just any regular gift idea. Fortunately, there are some ways to really surprise them on their birthday.

You can really surprise someone on their birthday by taking them blindfolded on a road trip. Other ideas include videos or photo collages of their fond memories, a surprise visit to their office, taking them for a limo ride, and flying in a loved person they haven’t seen for a long time.

Read on to discover a few ideas on how you can surprise your friends or family members in a way that they’ll never forget. We’ll also give you some tips to make sure everything goes well.

Arrange a Blindfolded Road Trip

Arrange a road trip, but don’t let them know where you’re going. Blindfold the honoree to add to the surprise and anticipation and make it different from a regular road trip.

You can set different destinations. For example, take your honoree to a game of their favorite team. Take the blindfold off when you arrive at the stadium, and they’ll never forget this surprise.

Alternatively, you could take them to a farmhouse or beach-house and invite all their family members and old friends. Before inviting them, you should know which of their friends they really miss and which ones they never want to see again. This kind of surprise will make them immensely delighted in an unforgettable way.

Another perfect idea is to take them to uncharted territory. Try to learn about the places they have always wanted to go to but haven’t had the chance. It could be an upscale restaurant or a country they haven’t been to.

Compile Videos or Pictures

Ask family members and friends to send you video recordings of the past featuring the honoree, and edit them into one whole clip in chronological order.

You could also ask family and friends to record new videos and wish the person a happy birthday. This way, you’ll have lots of options and flexibility because friends from all over the world can send you the recordings.

You could go more traditional and ask them to write birthday messages in their own handwriting and put them in a jar.

You could do the same thing with photos. Ask friends and family to send you photos of memorable moments, candid and funny photos, or anything of personal value. Then, make a collage of the photos, put them on display, create a digital collage, or share it on your social media accounts, tagging the honoree.

Another way to showcase the photos is to attach them to helium-filled balloons through long ribbons. The colorful sight of the balloons and the nostalgia that comes with the photos will create a memorable experience.

Show Up at Their Office

So you want to surprise someone at work for their birthday? Make arrangements with their colleagues to help you organize a surprise birthday in their office (unless the person is working from home). More often than not, their colleagues will have great ideas to add to the element of surprise and make the day even more memorable.

If you can’t show up in their office, plan a special delivery. Balloons, flowers, presents, fruit bouquets, or a birthday cake are good ideas to spark the office sparkle and fun.

Either way, make sure it’s appropriate to plan a surprise birthday at the workspace—not against the rules.

Hire a Limo

You can go fancy and add a luxurious flair to ordinary birthday surprises. Have a limo pick the honoree up at their home or office and take them to a fancy restaurant or bar. You can gather family or friends in the limo and celebrate there.

Depending on how extravagant you can be, you could do many other things after the limo ride. Taking the person to a concert is one of the best ideas you can pull.

Alternatively, take them to a makeover. That’s particularly helpful for those who don’t have the time to take care of themselves. A relaxing spa session, a beauty parlor, and wardrobe shopping are great destinations for a luxurious limo ride.

Fly in a Person They Haven’t Seen

Everyone has a sibling, old school pal, or loved one that they haven’t seen for a long time due to long distances. Arrange for them to fly in and show up at their doorstep for their birthday. Plan a whole weekend for the two to get reunited and spend time together. This way, you’ll create unimaginable happiness for your loved one.

4 Tips for Surprise Birthdays!

Surprising a loved one on their birthday is a great idea to show your love and make an unforgettable experience for them. However, there are social protocols to consider. Otherwise, your idea may backfire and mess things up.

Plan in Advance

If you want everything to go surprisingly well, plan all the details way ahead of time. Some of the surprises need planning a few weeks or months before the actual date. This way, you’ll make sure nothing gets messed up.

The planning also involves researching to make sure you don’t surprise your loved one with something they hate. For example, if the person had a row with a close family member, don’t see it as a chance for them to patch things up. It could seriously ruin the whole thing.

Don’t Leave Any Clues

Make sure you erase all the clues that may let the surprise out. For example, if you’ve contacted people via email, text messages, or phone calls, erase everything the honoree may see. If you plan a surprise at the office, make sure just a few people know about it, and everybody is careful not to spill the beans.

If you feel the person has found out about the surprise, ask people to help you throw them off track.

Arrange With Everyone

If your surprise includes other people, make sure they’re free on the surprise day. Even one person showing up late can ruin the whole thing. Make sure everyone knows when they should show up. If you feel someone will be late, tell them an earlier time than you set up with other people.

If children are involved, don’t tell them until the surprise day and a few hours before the event. That’s because they can’t keep secrets, though no fault of their own.

Think About the Honoree

The person you want to surprise may be likely coming back from work or at home in their PJs. So, try to plan for the dress code. If it’s a party, tell the guests to keep it casual so that the honoree doesn’t feel awkward. For other situations, such as the limo thing or the concert, have some of their glam outfits on hand and help them change.

Another thing you should think about is the way the honoree feels about surprises. Some people don’t like surprises at all or those that involve other people. Make sure to do something that they love, not you.


Surprising a person on their birthday is a great way to show how much you love and care for them. You could do the same old stuff people do on birthdays by adding an element of surprise.

Take them on a road trip but blindfolded to keep them from guessing the destination. You could take your loved one to a beach house where family and friends are waiting to have a memorable soiree. Pictures and videos, surprise visits to their office, flying in a loved one, and a limo ride are other ideas for a surprise birthday.

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