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Best Skateboard Travel Bag (Whether Going Far or Nearby!)

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Skateboard travel bags are convenient to have when you’re on the go. You’ll want one that you can take on long-distance trips with you or to the skate park across the street. However, there are so many options, and it can become overwhelming to pick one.

The best skateboard travel bag is the Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack, whether you’re going far or nearby. It’s waterproof, padded, and has huge compartments. You can take it to school or on vacation, so it’s very versatile to match your travel needs.

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The rest of this article examines the best skateboard travel bags. Let’s get started!

Best Overall: Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack

The Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack comes with everything you need in a travel bag, making it perfect for long-distance travel or a nice gift for a friend. The skateboard bag can hold up to 50 pounds (23 L), has plenty of space for travel items, and even comes with a helmet compartment. Plus, it has laptop space, so you can fit everything you need in a single bag.

Best of all, this bag is very comfortable to hold. It comes with a waist strap that evenly distributes the bag’s weight across your body to prevent back strain. It’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings getting soaked in the rain.


  • Spacious compartments: You can fill this bag with everything you will need on your trip. It has plenty of room and can hold up to 50 pounds (23 L). Plus, it comes with a helmet compartment, so you won’t have to carry your bulky gear when you’re not on your board.
  • Comfortable to wear: The skateboard bag has plenty of padding and thick shoulder straps, so it won’t hurt you to wear it at max capacity. It also includes waist and chest straps, which prevent pain and strain during long-term wear.
  • Versatile for different boards: This bag can carry many different skateboard sizes. You can even use it for longboards and electric skateboards.


  • Flimsy chest strap: The chest strap can pop open at full capacity. It won’t cause you to drop the bag, but it can be inconvenient.
  • Zipper issues: Take care when zipping the bag around your board. It can easily wear out, especially if you’re rough with it.

Most Durable: Dakine Mission 25L Backpack

If you suspect you’ll be giving your skateboard bag plenty of wear and tear, then the Dakine Mission 25L or 55 lbs is perfect for you. It’s highly durable, has strong straps, and can carry all your travel items. It also benefits from strong zippers, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking them.

The backpack includes a laptop storage space, which can carry devices of up to 17.3 inches (44 cm) in length. It should also easily hold your skateboard, given that it can carry much longer snowboards too. 

This backpack is semi-waterproof, so it should protect your belongings from water. Liquid can’t make it through the double polyester lining, although it can still leak through the zippers. Overall, Dakine makes incredibly durable backpacks. You’re sure to get many years of use out of one.


  • Extremely durable: These bags are meant to last; the construction quality is exceptionally high and won’t wear out even when you constantly fill it to max capacity.
  • Comfortable, compact design: The Mission includes extra padding in the back and the straps. Plus, it has shoulder and waist straps, making it very comfortable to wear even when it’s filled to the brim.
  • Multiple design choices: There are plenty of color options to choose from, so you can pick a bag that suits your preferences.


  • Chemical smell: There’s a strong smell from the dyes in the bag that takes a long time to go away. You may still notice it after weeks of use.
  • Not breathable: The material isn’t breathable, especially when the bag is full. It can make your back very sweaty on a hot day.

Best Simple Design: Xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack Bag

If you want a simple bag to carry your skateboard with you, this Xxiaojun backpack is the way to go. It can easily fit a variety of skateboards, but it won’t work with longboards. The bag also comes with three main storage compartments.

There’s a protective cover on the bottom of the bag, so it shouldn’t wear out in that area. As you may know, this can be an issue with skateboard bags using this style. Luckily, this bag even includes wide, fully adjustable straps, so you can make it more comfortable to wear.

The company makes the bag out of Oxford cloth, which is known as an excellent waterproof material. It’s lightweight yet still strong enough to support your skateboard’s weight easily.


  • Three compartments: This bag has a skateboard compartment, plus extra spaces for storing your helmet or shoes. It has enough space to work in many situations.
  • Lightweight: The material is very light yet supportive, so you can quickly and comfortably bring it wherever you go.
  • Bottom liner: The protective material along the bottom is very sturdy.


  • Zipper issues: The zippers can wear out very quickly; you’ll have to be careful when using them.
  • Pockets aren’t durable: Over time, the inner pockets can quickly come apart, making them unusable.

Best Bang for Your Buck: MXiiXM Skateboard Bag

The MXiiXM Skateboard Bag is very lightweight because it is made of Oxford cloth. This feature allows you to easily fold the bag when you aren’t using it.

This bag doesn’t have as much storage space as the above options, but it’s still perfect for traveling with your skateboard. The material protects your board from water and even comes with a few small compartments for your shoes and helmet.

Lastly, this bag only has a single strap. It comes with padding to help make it more comfortable to carry. This skateboard travel bag is an excellent option if you want a quality product on a tight budget.


  • Excellent waterproofing: Your board is sure to stay dry if you’re caught out in the rain. The material is very waterproof, so your belongings should remain safe inside the bag.
  • Very light and flexible: The bag’s fabric is extremely lightweight, allowing you to easily fold and store it when not in use.


  • Single strap: The single strap makes it harder to distribute weight evenly over your body, so it might feel uncomfortable to carry after a while.
  • Not durable: The material is thin, and it can rip easily. You’ll want to ensure you don’t rub your board’s grip tape against the bag.

Choosing a Skateboard Travel Bag

When traveling, you’ll have a lot of extra stuff, not just your skateboard. You need a bag that can handle carrying everything you need for faraway trips, plus what you want to carry during the day.

That means you want one with enough storage space for your needs. Keep this in mind as you choose a travel bag. Some have a helmet and laptop compartment to hold even more than the standard skateboard travel bag.

It’s also essential that the bag is durable and has a good design. You don’t want it to come apart right after buying it. The design shouldn’t cause any feelings of strain. Extra padding and waist straps can significantly improve how it feels to wear the bag.

Final Thoughts

In short, you’ll want a durable bag that can carry as much as you need on long trips and isn’t too heavy for short commutes. These bags are all excellent options for traveling with a skateboard. However, the Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack would be my top choice.

It should meet all your needs with its ample storage space, durability, and comfortable design.

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