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5 Best Gifts for Anglophiles (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

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Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw

Real Piece of Land

Porcelain Tea Set

The best gifts will capture the passion of whoever you are buying for. If this is true, then what are the best gifts for anglophiles?

The best gifts for anglophiles will be items that immerse them in the English culture, such as cookbooks, dictionaries, and royal tea sets. You can also give regular items designed with the United Kingdom flag or the flag of England.

Gifts can be the hardest thing to shop for. There are so many options out there that can make the hunt even more challenging. This article will describe the five best gifts for anglophiles and describe what you should consider when buying.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Buying Gifts for Anglophiles

There are a few factors that you will have to consider when buying gifts for anglophiles:

  • Your price range
  • How serious of an anglophile they are
  • What they already have

Let’s dive into each of these points below.

Your Price Range

The most important thing to think about before buying gifts is your price range. Thinking about how much you will want to spend will prevent you from overspending and help guide your search.
A good rule of thumb is to spend $15 to $25 on friends, $25 to $50 on relatives, and up to $75 for spouses. However, when it comes to Christmas gifts, financial advisors recommend spending 1% of your annual income on them, so the prices can vary from person to person.

When shopping for a specific genre, such as anglophiles, gifts can get pretty expensive. You can buy many specialty or customized items, so make sure to know some general gift ideas before spending too much on an expensive, customized item (this article will help with that).

How Serious of an Anglophile They Are

Happy couple by Big Ben Parliament, River Thames, London.

As with many different topics and fandoms, there are different levels of fans. Some may label themselves as a normal fan, while others know they are the hardcore type. Knowing how serious of an anglophile they are will help decide your direction when buying gifts.

If they are a low-key anglophile, basic souvenirs or clothing items will make them happy. On the other hand, if they are a hardcore anglophile, you may have to buy them a more expensive item or something more out of the box to please them.

Furthermore, knowing what kind of fan they are will help you decide what kind of tone you want to convey. Do you want to give a gift that will make them laugh or cry? Do you want them to learn something from your gift or simply show-off the item you bought for them? All of these things are questions to address to pick the perfect gift.

What They Already Have

Knowing how much of a fan they are will also help with this factor. To buy a thoughtful and meaningful gift, you will have to know what they already have. If they are a hardcore, long-time anglophile, you can bet that they already have the basic, most popular tourist items such as the flag of England or a sweater with popular English sayings on it.

On the other hand, if they are a new anglophile, they will be very easy to shop for. Newbies will not have many souvenirs yet, so you can have a little more freedom when shopping for them. If possible, try to take a look around their room or ask a few questions before buying them something. The worst is when you give someone a gift, and they already have it.

Best Overall: The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook

What better way to immerse in the English culture than to create the scrumptious delicacies they are famous for. The official Downton Abbey cookbook offers a wide variety of recipes, from delicious scones to afternoon tea.

We listed this as the best gift overall for anglophiles for a few reasons. Not only does the book have tons of recipes (including Battenberg cake, cream scones, etc.), but it also has detailed narratives of the history and decor of afternoon tea and describes how to properly serve the tea. This book will provide an immersive experience of the famous tradition of afternoon tea.

You can buy this book for just under $20 as a hardcover, or you can purchase the kindle version for around $10. The book also has a unique design, looking like an old, classic cookbook (that is well made) with a satin ribbon bookmark attached.

Bottom Line: This product is a great price for its quality. The Downton Abbey cookbook will give the anglophile you are shopping for an immersive, authentically English experience as they try the different recipes for tea and pastries.


  • Affordable: For under $20, you are getting a high-quality, well-made hardcover cookbook with lots of interesting facts and how-tos of the famous English tradition.
  • The book has over 150 recipes: The book has over 150 recipes for pastries, sandwiches, cocktails, tea, and more.
  • Unique gift: This cookbook is a one-of-a-kind gift that many people will not have, making it great for both new and long-standing anglophiles.
  • Extra special for a Downton Abbey lover: Not only is the book wonderful for anglophiles, but the book also has many photos and narratives surrounding the Downton Abbey television show, making it the perfect gift for an anglophile who loves Downton Abbey.


  • Does not have pictures for every recipe: One downside of the cookbook is that there are no pictures for every recipe. The lack of pictures could make some recipes hard to follow since many traditional English delicacies are unknown to the average person.
  • It might be expensive for the person you are buying for to complete some recipes: Something to keep in mind is that since the recipes are unique English dishes, the person you are gifting this to may have to go out and buy quite a few items to complete some of the recipes. If they are tight on money, this may not be the best gift for them.

Best Bang for the Buck: Knickers in a Twist: A Dictionary of British Slang

If you are searching for a solid gift that is both funny and informative, look no further. This British slang dictionary offers over 180 pages of hilarious yet correct terms used in Britain. This book will help the anglophile you are buying for learn more about the culture they love and help educate them for possible future trips to England.

The book is under $12, making it a very affordable yet unique gift. Many reviewers rave about how entertaining the book is and mention that it is very helpful to have if you intend to travel abroad. Keep in mind that there are many ways to purchase this book, which is great for people who are on a budget. The book is available on Kindle, and you can also buy it used for even cheaper than the original price.

Bottom Line: This is the most affordable gift on the list. It is the perfect price range for a friend. This gift will keep your friend laughing but will also satisfy their desire to learn more about the country they love with accurate, useful information on British slang terms.


  • The terms are accurate: Many reviews written by people from Britain mention that the book has pretty accurate information and captures each slang word’s meaning correctly.
  • Affordable: The product ranges from $8 to $12. This book will be a good gift if you are on a budget.
  • Funny: Not only is this an educational gift, but it will also keep the anglophile you are buying for laughing.


  • There are some repeats: Some reviews mention that there are a few repeats of slang words in the book.
  • Does not include all of the British slang words: This book is not the most comprehensive dictionary of British slang words out there. An anglophile can’t rely solely on this if they want some help when in Britain.

Best for Long-Time Anglophiles: Porcelain Tea Sets British Royal Series

Shopping for a long-time anglophile can be difficult since they probably have lots of trinkets and souvenirs already. This porcelain tea set is unique enough that they will probably not have it.
As the anglophile you are shopping for most likely already knows, tea is a big thing in England. Help your friend feel more involved in the culture by giving them a British royal series tea set. This way, they can take part in normal English traditions every day.

The gift is around $80, which is a bit steep, but it comes with a pretty large set. There are six teacups, six saucers, six teaspoons, a sugar bowl, a cream pitcher, a teapot, and a steel tea filter. The tea set has a very elegant and classic design; it is pure white with gold trim and beautiful craftsmanship. Each cup can hold 8 oz (237 ml) of liquid.

The porcelain set comes in a sturdy gift box, and the dishes are dishwasher safe, which makes it easy to care for. Finally, the set comes in three colors: white, purple, and pink.

Bottom Line: This is the highest quality gift on the list. If you are looking for something more expensive and meaningful, this is the gift you should choose. The set is top-of-the-line porcelain and will help your fellow anglophile to feel a part of the English culture.


  • High-quality porcelain: The tea set is porcelain, which gives it its high-class look. Porcelain is also known to be very durable, so it will be hard to break the teacups.
  • Dishwasher safe: This tea set is dishwasher safe, so your fellow anglophile will not have to worry about hand washing each dish.
  • Thick and sturdy: Many reviewers mention that the saucers and cups are thick, sturdy, and a bit heavy. This feature is a good thing since it will prevent the set from breaking, which will help the gift last a long time.


  • Expensive: Even though the set is very high-quality, this is still an expensive gift, averaging around $80. This set would be a lovely gift for a spouse or a very close relative or friend.
  • The teapot does not fill all six cups: One downside of this set is that the teapot is only 28 oz (828 ml). With all of the cups adding up to 48 oz (1.4 L), the single teapot will not be enough to fill all of the cups. However, this is usually not a big deal since many people don’t use all six cups at once.

Best for New Anglophiles: Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw

Anglophiles that are new fans probably don’t own many English souvenirs yet. This sherpa throw will be a perfect gift for the new anglophile; it is a blanket with the flag of the United Kingdom printed on it. It is a 50″ (127 cm) by 60″ (152 cm) blanket meant for the couch, bed, or office.

It is 100% polyester and is incredibly soft. For around $35, this gift will be a great casual, cozy gift for anglophiles and will last a long time. Something worth mentioning is that it needs to be either hand washed or washed in the cold cycle.

Bottom Line: This is a pretty basic gift that will make a new anglophile happy. The soft blanket will provide them with a cozy reminder of England. Furthermore, the blanket is the perfect size to be taken anywhere, such as on road trips, planes, or the office.


  • Soft and durable material: This blanket is not only very soft and cozy but will also last dozens of washes.
  • Practical size: Some throw blankets are huge and are difficult to carry around the house, but this blanket is a perfect balance. If you lay it on a standard queen bed, it will not quite touch the corners.


  • Expensive: Even though the blanket is of great quality, the price is still a little steep. $35 is a lot to spend on a blanket, so this may not be the best choice if you are on a budget.
  • Only one design is available: One downside of this gift is that there is only one design available for anglophiles. The design is a bit flashy and may not go with everybody’s interior decor.

Most Unique Pick: Piece of Land – Personalized British Land Owner’s Certificate

This item will be one of the unique gifts you can get for an anglophile. The product is a deed of ownership for 100 square inches (645 square centimeters) of land in England. It comes with a deed where they write their name and a few other items, including a book with photos and information of their plot land and a map. This item is not just a lease; you will own this small piece of land for life.

The gift comes with a code in the name of whoever you’re buying for. With this code, you will be able to access more information about the plot. Furthermore, the product is made in Germany and is of high-quality, sustainable materials. It even comes with a gift box.

The great thing about this gift is that you can visit your plot of land and have a picnic on it, for instance. If your friend loves to travel and intends to travel to England someday, this gift will be a wonderful item to add to their collection.

Bottom Line: We highly recommend this if you want a unique gift for a long-time anglophile. It is a great price for what it is offering. Not only will the person you are buying for own a piece of land in England, but they can also visit it.


  • Unique: This item is not a product you can find in a regular souvenir shop. You have to order this item, so there is a low chance that the person you are buying will already have this item.
  • Affordable: Even though the gift is pricey if you look at it from a certain perspective, $50 is a great price to pay for owning a piece of land. Since this is a gift that is one of a kind, it makes sense to pay a bit more for it. This item would be a suitable gift for a best friend or relative.
  • Good for all kinds of anglophiles: This gift is a solid option because both long-term anglophiles and new anglophiles will probably not have this. Both will appreciate the creativity of it.
  • You can visit your land: One of the best perks about this gift is that you can visit your piece of land. The gift will give all the information necessary to find it.


  • The company only offers 100 square inches (645 square centimeters): While it makes sense that the company cannot offer larger land areas to sell, 100 square inches of land is small, nonetheless. One person will be able to stand on the land, but that is it.
  • You cannot pick where you buy land: When you purchase the product, there is no way to choose where the piece of land will be. This factor might be a downside if you are buying for multiple people.

Final Thoughts

When considering the price, quality, and intent, The Official Downton Abbey Afternoon Tea Cookbook is the best gift overall for anglophiles.

However, there are instances where you may want to look at other gifts:

  • If you are on a budget, check out the Dictionary of British Slang.
  • If you are looking for a more high-quality gift, check out the Porcelain Tea Set.
  • If you want a more casual gift for new anglophiles, go with the Ukeler Flannel Sherpa Throw.
  • If you want a one of a kind gift, check out the Piece of Land – Personalized British Land Owner’s Certificate.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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