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39 Funny Gifts to Get Your Boyfriend in 2023 (Make Him…)

Young boyfriend and girlfriend making a funny face to the camera at the beach

When the time comes to buy your boyfriend a gift, sometimes you may want to opt for something that is going to make them laugh. Just because you do also doesn’t mean it can’t be a great gift. 

The best funny gifts to get your boyfriend include the dashboard rubber duck, a mug with your face on it, a beer holster, funny games, or a funny t-shirt. If you want to get them something that’s funny because it’s weird, the urinal shot glasses or hairy belly fanny pack are great options.

If you want to see plenty of more ideas to get your boyfriend as a gift, because you would rather make them laugh then give them something else, then look no further because this list includes the funniest possible gifts that you can find. 

Dashboard Rubber Duck

While the hula girl is a classic funny dashboard ornament, this cool wonuu Rubber Duck Car Decorations definitely beats it. This duck dashboard ornament comes in over ten different styles, and it sports a gold chain, sunglasses, and a stylish helmet with a propeller. 

Make your boyfriend laugh and give him a gift that he will definitely get great use out of.

Wine Condoms 

If your boyfriend is a wine drinker, this is a hilarious yet also totally ingenious product. The Original Wine Condoms are rubber beverage bottle stoppers that will help ensure no uncorked wine bottle will ever go to waste again. Prolonging the freshness of every bottle of wine you use it on, as it has an air-tight grip. 

Not only are they useful for any wine lover, but the branding will make just about anybody laugh with the packaging’s close resemblance to condoms. 

Mug With Your Face On It 

If you want to make sure your boyfriend is always thinking about you, putting your face where he drinks his cup of coffee is sure to do the trick. By buying a Customized Photo Mug, you can put your face on a coffee mug to give him a good laugh. You could opt to put a picture or saying on it that’s an inside joke between the two of you instead. 

Best of all, you can choose whichever color you want, as they give you options such as black, blue, green, orange and more. 

Pizza Socks

Since it is a no brainer that your boyfriend likes pizza, why not deliver him a nice hot box of  Rainbow Socks Pizza Socks. This box of socks comes with four different pairs that look just like pizza, and they are just the right amount of weird to be funny. If you want, you could also buy one slice. 

Funny Party Game

We all know the most fun nights with friends are the ones we spend playing games. Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid is a card game where everyone decides who is most likely to. No more boring card games, as this game is sure to make him and the boys have a night full of laughs. 

Really Mini USB Fridge 

This mini-fridge is so tiny, it is funny. This ThreeH New Mini Red USB Fridge Cooler fits one pop can or beer can and is the perfect way to make sure that your boyfriend never has to have a warm drink again. 

It comes in black or red and can actually warm up a drink as well, so he gets the best of both worlds with this. It may seem like a joke, but it is worth every penny.  

In-Car Sauce Holder 

If you have ever ordered chicken nuggets while driving, then you know the struggle of trying to dip your nuggets in the sauce. Well, your boyfriend never has to have that problem again with the Saucemoto Dip Clip, an in-car holder for your sauce, making eating nuggets on the road easy. 

While this is totally odd and funny, you will probably win the partner of the year award with this one.  

Baseball Glove Mug 

Is your boyfriend a baseball fan? Well, then look no further because MAX’IS The Mug With A Glove is going to make him feel like he is a kid again as he can toss his cereal like he’s a professional baseball player. 

This toy and mug in one is the best gift for someone with a little sense of humor. If they like basketball more, they even have The Mug With A Hoop, so they can practice dunking right at the kitchen table. 

Toilet Basketball Game

Another funny gift for the basketball lover in your life is the Thumbs Up Slam Dunk Bathroom Basketball Game w/ Floor Mat. There is no better time to practice your slam dunks than from the comfort of your toilet seat, as this game comes with a mat, balls, and a hoop that you can put just about anywhere. Who knows, this may be a gift for both of you if you live together. 

Desktop Tetherball

Need a way to make sitting at a desk all day just a little bit more fun? This Alan Goldsher Desktop Tetherball set is the perfect way to bring them a little extra amusement. If they ever need to relieve a little stress or are just bored at the office, this is a great way to make their day a little bit better.  

Burrito Blanket

Want to make fun of how much your boyfriend loves burritos? Then giving them the Jorbest Burritos Tortilla Blanket is a great way to do that. 

This tortilla looking soft flannel blanket is a funny gift that will make your boyfriend laugh but will also keep you warm when you go to visit.  

Odd Shot Glasses

While this is on the disgusting and weird side, we know some boyfriends find those kinds of things funny. If your boyfriend does too, then the Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses (Set of 2) is just weird enough it will make the perfect funny gift

While you may opt-out of using them to drink out of, we know he and his friends will get a kick out of them. 

Beer Holster

We all know that holding your beer can start to get tiring after a while, so the best way to make up for that is by having a D’SHARK Classic Beer Holster to do all the holding for you. 

If your boyfriend is a beer lover, this will be an amazing gift that will make him laugh, but they will probably use more than you may think. 

Beer Bell

While we admit buying this gift may come with a bit of regret on your end, it is funny. KiaoTime Novelty Red Ring Bell that says, “Ring for a Beer,” makes sure your boyfriend never goes without a beer; let’s just hope you aren’t around when he rings it.  

Star Wars Toaster

If your boyfriend can not get enough of Star Wars merchandise, the Uncanny Brands Star Wars Darth Vader Empire 2-Slice Toaster is a funny addition to their kitchen. Now every time they go to grab a piece of toast, they can see the imprint of Darth Vader on it, making breakfast time that much more fun. 

Potato Game

If you have heard of hot potato before, you probably get the gist of the Lightning Reaction Shocktato Party Game. This game was made for 2 players or more and is played just like a hot potato, but if the potato shocks you, you lose instead of being the person holding it when the song ends. 

Let’s just say it is one of those games your boyfriend and his friends will get a kick out of, while you may find one time is enough. 

His & Her Pizza Shirts

While this gift could totally fit into being a cute gift, your boyfriend will likely think of it more as a funny gift than anything. Tstars The Missing Piece Pizza & Slice – His and Her Shirts are totally cheesy (no pun intended), couple-shirts that also will give you something. 

While the shirt for him has a pizza with a missing slice, your shirt has the slice, making you the missing piece. Totally cute but also quite funny, especially if he isn’t into matching outfits. 

Money Beach Towel

This Genovega Funny Microfiber Beach Towel looks exactly like a hundred dollar bill, allowing your boyfriend to hit the beach or go camping in style. Not only is it funny, but it is also a sand-proof towel, making it of super great quality. So, no more boring beach towels; it’s about time he looked wealthy while hitting the beach. 

Box of Nothing

Let’s just say this may be funnier for you than it is for your boyfriend, but his face will be worth every single penny. This Gears Out Deluxe Box of Nothing says on it, “You Said You Wanted Nothing.” If you want to get back at your boyfriend for always being the type that says he wants nothing for his birthday or Christmas, this is a great way to do it. 

Un-Inspirational Calendar

If you want to give your boyfriend a gift that is going to give them a good laugh every single month, this Elan Gale Unspirational 2021 Day-to-Day Calendar: Everything Happens For No Reason is the best way to do that. 

Some of the totally not inspirational quotes that this calendar has, includes: 

  • “Yes, I’m late. I don’t care.” 
  • “There will always be people who tell you that you can’t. Those people are right.”
  • “Your dreams are just there to tease you.”

If this kind of humor sounds like your boyfriend, this is sure to be a great funny gift for him. It will also bring plenty of laughs from anyone who sees it hung up on his fridge. 

Toilet Timer

Want to make a point about how slow your boyfriend is in the bathroom? Well, no better way than reminding them by giving them a Katamco Toilet Timer. A timer that will go off when it’s time for them to finish up. 

This hilarious gift will give them 5 minutes to get the job done, but let’s be honest here, it’s never getting used properly. At least we know everyone will still get a good laugh out of it. 

Wacky Waving Tube

If you want to get them something totally random and quite funny, the Conor Riordan Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is the gift to get. 

While it is totally useless, we all know watching those tubes at car dealerships or stores is the most amusing thing ever, so this little guy will definitely make your boyfriend happy to have one of his very own. 

Funny Boxers

If you really want a gift that will make your boyfriend laugh, and maybe even a little embarrassed, the Lazy One Funny Boxers are hilarious and sure to give everyone around a good laugh. Each of them sports a different funny saying written on the back; some of them are: 

  • “Beware of The Force”
  • “Moose Caboose” 
  • “Going Commando” 

Best of all, they are super comfy and actually great quality boxers, ensuring that your boyfriend has no real excuse not to wear them. These Lazy One Funny Boxers have some killer sayings that may be even funnier; some of them read: 

  • “Beware Natural Gas” with a picture of a moose, bear, and raccoon in a swamp.
  • “Dead End” with a picture of a skull.
  • “Pain in the Rear” with a picture of a bunch of cactuses.
  • “Bite Me!” with a picture of a mosquito.
  • “Silent But Deadly” with a picture of a snake.

Beer Lover Day Planner

While this may be a gift you really hope he never uses, it makes for a hilarious piece of wall art for your boyfriend’s room. The Kanaloa Perfect Day Planner is a spinning wheel that can be hung on the wall, and the whole idea is that your boyfriend is supposed to spin it to decide what he should do that day, either: 

  • The Honey Do List
  • Yard Work
  • Clean Garage
  • Drink Beer 

Although the catch is since the spinning wheel hangs on the wall, gravity will always pull the arrow down, so no matter what, it will always tell him to go “Drink Beer.” So, if you get them this day planner, beware that while funny, they may never live it down. 

Wine Bottle Puzzle

Another funny gift idea for the wine lover boyfriend is this BSIRI Gifts Wine Bottle Puzzle. When they get it, they will be stuck having to solve a brain teaser, as they are required to unlock the wooden puzzle before they can get to their wine bottle. However, this may be funnier for you than it is for them, as it will be fun watching them struggle just to have a glass. 

Golf Club Pen Set

If they love golf, then this NALAKUVARA Golf Club Pen Set is a funny little gift where the pens are mini-golf clubs. It comes with 3 ballpoint pens that each have different colored ink, as well as 2 mini-golf balls, a flag, and a case designed to be a mini putting green. 

So, not only do they get some great pens to write with, they get a fun little desktop game that they can play with.  

Army Man Bottle Opener

You can never go wrong with getting your boyfriend a new bottle opener, especially when it looks like an army man. The One Hundred 80 Degrees Army Man Bottle Opener is a unique bottle opener that is way more fun to have than any of the basic ones available. Also, your boyfriend is going to love being able to whip this out when he’s with his friends so that he can show off his cool new opener. 

Beer Belly Fanny Pack

If your boyfriend is into the weird kind of humor, he will laugh so hard he cries when he sees the Rayki Beer Belly Fanny Pack. This fanny pack has an image of a hairy belly with a belly button on it, and while a little odd, it is sure to make everyone laugh when he opens it. 

This funny waisted fanny pack is also water-proof, so he can really use it to keep his beers in at the next party you guys attend. You may be surprised, as he may wear this a lot more than you thought he would. 

Thumb Wrestling Arena

If he is more into games than anything else, this Hog Wild Toys – Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena is a funny game that takes the game of thumb war to a whole new level. 

Next time your boyfriend needs to solve something with a thumb war, he will be prepared with this arena, making sure that it is as fair as possible. 

USB Cassette Mixtape

If you want to give your boyfriend the most old school gift in the book, why not throw some songs together and make him a mixtape. Although, no need to grab a cassette or a CD, you can now just make one on a USB using The Original MASHTAPE Retro Mixtape Design Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive

While this is a funny way to channel the good old days, it is a super unique gift that holds a personal touch. It also holds 8GB of data, so you are free to load it with plenty of songs. 

Banana Phone

If you want to get your boyfriend a funny but iconic gift, the Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset for iPhone or Android is a perfect choice. This Bluetooth phone is shaped exactly like a banana and works perfectly. This is a super funny gift, especially when they take the phone out in public and look absolutely nuts answering a banana. 

All you need is a phone, some batteries, and you are ready to talk to people on the phone, through a banana. It may just be their childhood dream coming true. 

Knit Bearded Hat

Nothing worse than having a cold face in the winter, so why not make sure your boyfriend never has that problem with the YEKEYI Unisex Wacky Beard Hat, which is a beanie that comes with a detachable knit beard. 

This hilarious addition to your boyfriend’s wardrobe is sure to be a hit, even if he only chooses to wear the beard as a joke. 

Wooden Eyeglass Holder

If your boyfriend wears glasses, this totally wacky Urban-Lane Handmade Wooden Spectacle Eyeglass Holder is a hilarious addition to his bedside table. This is a super unique gift that looks funny, but in fact, is actually quite useful. Also, it’s handmade, so you know that it’s great quality. 

Funny T-Shirts

If you would rather opt for something a lot simpler, you can always go for a funny t-shirt out of the various options available, depending on what they are interested in or find funny. 

Here are some different shirts you can find online that are sure to make your boyfriend laugh when he opens them: 

Bacon Candy Canes

If you are getting this gift for your boyfriend for Christmas and loves bacon, you may just have to get him Archie McPhee Bacon Candy Canes to see his face when he unwraps this. We have no idea if they are good, but they definitely make the funny gift list. 

If you really want to get him, you can also get Archie McPhee Kale Flavored Candy or Clam Candy Canes. These are vile flavors, but they are sure fun to make people try and see their reactions. 

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

Another option to get them when it comes to candy is Jelly Belly Draft Beer Jelly Beans. This gift is so unique that it’s funny and who knows, they may actually taste good. 

So, if your boyfriend loves beer, this is definitely something he should try at least once in his life. 

Funny Pencil Holder

If you want to get them something that is both funny and useful, a great idea is the RICSB’ The Butt’ Office Supply Station Desk Accessory Holder. This pen and tape holder is a little green, orange, or blue guy sitting on a toilet. Where your pens go in the back of the toilet, and he holds your tape for you. At least you know that this is a unique gift.  

Lightsaber Chopsticks

If your boyfriend is a die-hard Star Wars fan, then it may be necessary that you get them these Chop Sabers Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks. You can get them in either blue, green, yellow, purple, or pink and buy multiple pairs at a time, so sushi nights can always be interesting.   

While they may have been told not to play with their food, this fun gift is sure to change that. 

English Teacher Mug

Let’s just say if your boyfriend is super smart, or even better, an English major or teacher, they are going to love this mug. While for some, it may just seem like a spelling lesson, for them, this mug is going to make them laugh so hard, and you will be surprised.

This KAIMEBIEN Mug I Before E, states “I before e, except when your foreign neighbor Keith received eight counterfeit beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters. Weird.” Trust us on this, it may not be the funniest to you, but any English teacher will love this mug. 

Final Thoughts

If you are stuck on what gift to get your boyfriend, you probably are wondering how many is too many. This list is sure to have something that fits the type of humor your boyfriend has, whether it’s a personalized mug with your face on it or gross candy canes. 

While you still may choose to get them a meaningful gift, these funny gifts are going to be a real crowd pleaser and may even be the thing they love most because it made them laugh. Sometimes, funny gifts just end up being a lot more fun.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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