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Best Gifts for Bodybuilders (Weightlifters Demand Special Care!)

bodybuilder woman doing curl biceps exercise with dumbbells while trainer watching at the gym

Bodybuilding and weightlifting require commitment, resilience, and consistency like any other sport. If you know any lifters you’d like to give a gift to, consider a few presents tailored to their fitness lifestyle.

The best gifts for bodybuilders include the Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt. However, they may also appreciate gym accessories and equipment like a full-body workout bench and weighted jump rope. Gym lovers will also like a present they can enjoy outside the gym like a shake bottle.

The rest of this article details the different gift ideas that will surely wow your bodybuilder friend or loved one. Let’s get right to it.

Best Weight Lifting Belt: Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt

Bodybuilding isn’t only about training hard but also training smart. Using accessories like a weight lifting belt is one way to train smart. 

A lifting belt offers core support and helps maintain stability when lifting weights. It also allows your loved one to do extra reps in their deadlift routine — and who wouldn’t want that? 

Chances are, your lifter will be happy to receive the Element 26 Self-Locking Weight Lifting Belt from you.


  • Self-locking security: The Element 26 Lifting Belt features a metal buckle that self-locks, ensuring that the belt won’t pop open mid-way through a lifting session.
  • Approved for competitions: This belt isn’t just for simple training sessions. Your bodybuilder friend can also use it for competitions since it’s approved for use in USA Weightlifting (USAW) and Functional Fitness competitions.
  • Functional design: Element 26 has the optimal lifting belt thanks to a lightweight design that does its job without interfering with workouts. 


  • Hard to tighten: Although the self-lock mechanism works, getting it to the right tightness can be difficult.

Best Protein Shaker Bottle: VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle

Bodybuilders and protein shakes go hand in hand. If your loved one downs one of these drinks at least once a day, a protein shaker bottle may be ideal for them. 

For example, you can get them a VOLTRX Premium Electric Protein Shaker Bottle. There’s no need to manually shake the bottle because it uses an electric mixer. It’s also easy to recharge with a universal USB charger.


  • Powerful motor power: The lifter in your life can say goodbye to gritty protein shakes. The powerful motor in this shaker bottle ensures the drink is well mixed into a smooth and silky protein shake.
  • Premium quality material: VOLTRX bottle is made of sturdy, shatter-resistant Tritan material. It’s also BPA free, making it safe to use.
  • Leak-proof bottle: Unlike other shaker bottles that start leaking after a few uses, VOLTRX doesn’t leak. That means your loved one doesn’t have to worry about making a mess while carrying this bottle during their intense workout routines.
  • Longlasting battery charge: Once your lifter charges the battery fully, they can use it for almost a month before recharging. 
  • Easy to clean: Washing this shaker bottle is a breeze. All a lifter needs to do is to pour in some warm water with a little detergent and switch on the mixer. Once the cleanup is done, your loved one can pour out the cleaning mixture and be ready to go.
  • Cool design: VOLTRX Electric Shaker Bottle has a funky luminous base that lights up as the shake is being prepared. It’s such a fun touch to help your lifter enjoy their drink even more.  


  • Poor performance on low charge: The shaker doesn’t work well when the battery charge is low. However, your lifter can easily fix this problem by charging the battery as soon as the charge goes down below a certain level.

Best Sports Towel: Rainleaf Microfiber Sports Towel

As you know, towels are essential for bodybuilders and weightlifters. They may not be as important as, say, gym shoes, but they’re still among the basic items gym junkies need for their training sessions.

Your lifter needs a towel to wipe off sweat from their face as they work out. After all, those droplets can be distracting as they do their reps. Also, they need something to wipe off their gym equipment; otherwise, it’ll be difficult to get a good grip on those. 

But you don’t want to gift just any run-of-the-mill towel: You want something like the Rainleaf Microfiber Sports Towel. For starters, it’s specifically designed to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts. 


  • Fast drying: Not only is it super absorbent, but it also dries fast, so your lifter doesn’t have to pack a soaking wet towel in their gym bag after workouts.
  • Compact and lightweight: It can easily fit in a regular gym bag without taking up too much space.
  • Has many color variations: You get to choose a color that’ll stand out and that your lifter will like.
  • Soft to touch: The Rainleaf Microfiber Sports Towel has a soft suede-like feel, which makes it gentle on the skin. 


  • Bleeding dye: You may need to gently remind your lifter to wash this separately from other clothing — or, at least, with clothing of the same color. Otherwise, the color will bleed into their other attire.

Best Weight Bench: FLYBIRD Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout

If the bodybuilder in your life has a home gym or is planning on setting up one, this may be the perfect gift for them. 

As its name suggests, the FLYBIRD Utility Weight Bench can be used for a full-body workout. That means your loved one can do a wide range of workout exercises with this piece of equipment.


  • High-quality bench: You can be sure of your lifter’s safety as they use this weight bench, thanks to the sturdy commercial-quality steel FLYBIRD uses for it.
  • Easy to adjust: Using the pull support bar, your loved one can effortlessly adjust the bench to the six back and four seat positions. 
  • Portable: The FLYBIRD Utility Weight Bench can be folded into less than 80% of its full size and carried from one place to another.
  • Comfortable: The bench is well-padded to make a comfortable surface for working out.


  • Size limitation: This bench is designed to fit people up to 5’9″ (175 cm). 

Best Weighted Jump Rope: Redify Weighted Jump Rope

Does your friend or loved one have a jump rope, or do they use the one provided at the gym?

Either way, a jump rope is an ideal gift for any weightlifter or bodybuilder as it’s great for cardio workouts. 

Giving your friend this gift ensures that they can have something to complement their usual workouts and that they can work out even at home.

In particular, the weighted jump rope by Redify is a great choice. 


  • Adjustable length: For perfect sizing, your lifter can adjust the length of the Redify Weighted Jump Rope. All they have to do is remove the handle on one end, measure and cut the rope at the ideal length, then reattach the handle. 
  • Ball-bearing system: This system ensure a tangle-free and smooth jumping experience.
  • Comfortable handles: Redify makes its handles using aluminum. The middle section has a raised silicone section that offers a solid grip and ensures the handles don’t come off during jumping. 


  • Irreversible length adjustment: Once your lifter adjusts the rope’s length, they cannot undo it because it involves cutting the extra length.

Final Thoughts

The best gift to give a friend or loved one is one that accounts for their lifestyle, hobby, or passion. So when looking for a gift for a bodybuilder or weightlifter, it’s a good idea to get something directly or indirectly related to their fitness lifestyle.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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