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15 Best Gifts for Banjo Players

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Banjo Mandolin Patent Poster

Buying gifts can be a stressful endeavor. Between family, friends, and potential Secret Santa’s, it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed. The good news is, if you have a banjo player in your life, there are quite a few gifts that would make them incredibly happy.

The best gifts for banjo players will always include tools and gadgets to make playing their banjo a little easier or more comfortable. These can consist of straps, music books, and tuning aids. However, any banjo player would be thrilled to receive a T-shirt, bag, or print that is banjo related. 

This article will look at 15 of the best gifts ideas for banjo players, from inexpensive stocking stuffers to something a little more extravagant. Each can be found online, though check the shipping times to be sure it will arrive on time.

Banjo Thumbscrew and Wall Lug

It might not seem like the most fun gift, but any banjo player would be grateful to receive these. Used to secure the flange on the instrument (which is part of the main body), the standard design calls for simple Phillips head screws. Though they work perfectly well, they do require a screwdriver to remove.

These thumbscrews will make tightening the banjo easy at all times and will make for the perfect stocking stuffers for the banjo player in your life.

Hardshell Case for 11-inch Open-Back Banjos

When it comes to transport, the last thing a banjo player needs is for their instrument to be damaged in transit. This hardshell case is the perfect combination of style and function. With a plush interior allowing the banjo to sit snugly without fear of scratches, the hard shell is fitted with heavy-duty hardware to prevent unwanted openings.

Banjo Capo (Rosewood)

A capo is a small clamp that is used to hold down the first four strings behind the second fret, freeing up a finger for better play. It often helps with achieving particular notes and playing in a different tone.

This capo is very durable but easy to both set in place and remove. The lever is smooth and clamps the capo in place with ease, as well as unlocking without difficulty. Designed to last through years of use, the rose gold finish is striking and a definite statement piece.

Banjo 1882 Patent Poster

Any banjo player would be delighted to receive this patent poster. Available in six different sizes and a variety of colors, the print depicts the original design submitted to the United States patent office by Benjamin Bradbury, of Brooklyn, New York. This can be gifted as a simple print or framed to create an excellent conversation piece.

Funny Banjo Face Mask

With face masks becoming the new normal, why not try a funny banjo-related mask? This mask has a filter and displays the quote, “Don’t Make Me Get My Banjo.” With a bead in place on each side to adjust the straps, this mask will fit most wearers.

Be aware that these are not medical-grade masks.

Banjo Shirt – Country Music Gift

T-shirts make excellent gifts, and this one is designed explicitly for banjo players and enthusiasts. With a banjo across the front and the quote, “Don’t Make Me Get My Banjo,” the recipient will get a kick out of the message.

Available in eight different colors, the T-shirt is preshrunk and can be bought from size small to as large as 4XL. The shirts are unisex and perfect for any gender.

Banjo Player Parking Sign

Made from lightweight, quality aluminum, this sign would make for a funny parking sign at work or home. It would also look fantastic in an office or music studio. Available in five sizes, from 10×14 inches to 36×54 inches (25.4×35.56 cm to 91.44×137.16 cm).

D’Addario EJ60 Nickel 5-String Banjo Strings, Light, 9-20

These nickel-plated steel strings come highly reviewed. They come in eight different sizes for both five-string and tenor banjos and can be nickel-plated or phosphor bronze. They have a loop end, meaning they will fit on almost all banjos and offer a smooth play for the musician.

The Banjo Pub Songbook: 35 Reels, Jigs & Fiddle Tunes Arranged for 5-String Banjo

Whether the banjo player you know is just starting out or an established musician, music books with songs is always a safe gift. This book includes 35 fun and festive sing-along songs for the five-string banjo.

The book also includes lyrics and vocal melodies for the ultimate in old fashioned pub entertainment.

Banjo Definition Tote Bag

Reusable tote bags make for excellent grocery bags, shopping bags, or extra storage when on the move. They are environmentally friendly and should last for years. This bag depicts the image of a banjo with the textbook definition of the instrument. Any banjo player would be happy to carry their songbooks and picks around in one of these.

Women Banjo Looking Watch

The image displayed on the watch face is of three banjos of differing sizes. They are vintage looking and available for men, women, and children. With more than 40 different styles, they come with black leather, two-tone metallic, colorful silicone, and even as a pocket watch.

Banjo Strap

This beautiful banjo strap is made of leather, making it soft but durable. The pink flowers are hand-painted, along with a customizable message. The primary offering is for a name, but the seller will allow for custom text at an added cost.

Real Tuner – Chromatic Clip-on Tuner for Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo, Brass, and Woodwind Instruments

This tuner attaches to the top of the neck to help with tuning the instrument. It is light, easy to use, and the display is bright and clear. With a 360° turnaround and a three-year warranty, this little device will quickly become any banjo player’s favorite.

Finger Picks!

Like guitar players, banjos players use picks to create different sounds with the strings of their instrument. They can make it easier to play, smoother, and can help the musician to play faster. These picks are solid brass with an elegant natural design on each. The set includes four picks with adjustable sizes.

Wooden Banjo Stand

This simplistic stand is made from durable wood and incorporates two flat pieces that fit together perfectly. They can be stored separately to minimize space and are even small enough to fit into a backpack. Once the parts are fitted together, the musician can safely rest the instrument in place.

The stand includes a thick anti-slip layer on the edges to prevent the instrument from slipping or the frame from moving when on the ground. It is available in both dark and light wood finish.

Buyer’s Guide

Buying for a musician is not always easy. Banjos come in different sizes, and everything from the size of the strap to the thickness and material of the strings is often a musician’s preference.

If you don’t know exactly what the player uses, a gift card would be a safer option, allowing them to buy their own extras. Most banjo accessories can be found online, though visiting local music stores is a nice way to support small businesses and get a personal touch.

The good news is, when purchasing novelty items, such as the T-shirt or tote bag, you don’t need to worry about any of that. They are simply thoughtful gifts that will bring a smile to any banjo player’s face.


When it comes to gift-giving, people often forget that it is the thought that counts. When looking for the best gifts for banjo players, it is crucial to keep in mind that even the smallest thing, like a set of extra strings, will often be seen as thoughtful and very much appreciated. There are many fun banjo-related options from posters, prints, books, and bags.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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