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4 Funny Gifts for Swimmers Who Love to Laugh

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Choosing the perfect gift can sometimes be challenging. We want to present a gift that will be fun, clever, and make the recipient happy. Thankfully, if you are tasked with choosing a present for a swimmer, certain clues will help make it easier, so what are some funny gifts for swimmers who love to laugh?

The best funny gifts for swimmers who love to laugh are clothing articles with humorous swimming-related captions and logos and things related to swimmers’ common character traits, like health consciousness and competitiveness. Always keep in mind the personality of the recipient.

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In this article, we will be going over the various inquisitional techniques that may be used to effectively narrow down the ideal gift for the swimmer on your gift list. Next, we will be briefly discussing what never to get them. Finally, we will provide our list of the best funny gift selections which are sure to make them laugh, so read on.

Narrowing Down the Perfect Gift

When it comes to buying a gift, it is a fine balancing act between surprising the person with something unexpected and knowing them well enough to not choose a gift completely out of the left field.

The process of choosing the perfect gift for a swimmer is understanding the individual on a personal level. Then by process of elimination, we can hone in on what will be ideal for that person.

The following section will provide the reader with three main areas in which to build the greatest general understanding of the person you will be shopping for. 

If you are not sure what to buy, it never hurts to ask the person either directly or indirectly if there is anything they need or would like to have.

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What Is the Occasion?

The first thing we are to identify is the occasion for which we are giving the gift? A birthday gift will be very different from a Christmas or a graduation gift. There are gifts to celebrate specific achievements, gifts for holidays and special occasions, and sometimes, there are gifts we buy just to show the person we appreciate them.

The gift you provide should be as relevantly close to the occasion as possible, in theme and value.  

What Is Their Individuality?

Every person is different. They have different interests, hobbies, and likes and dislikes, so the better you know the recipient, the better you will choose a gift for them. 

In this particular instance, we have a distinct advantage in knowing that our target giftee is a swimmer; this already gives us some clues as to their personality. 

Swimmers will almost always be health-conscious, competitive, goal-driven, and lead organized and structured lives. Discipline is required to be an avid swimmer, and this can give us some clues about what to buy.

The less personally acquainted you are with the person you are providing the gift for, the more generalized you will want the gift to be. Something everyone will get some practical use from.

What Is Their Age?

One of the greatest things about swimming is that it is available for anybody to enjoy. Swimmers are made up of everyone from very young children to the elderly, and every age in between, so when we talk of swimmers, it is important to make this distinction. 

You are not likely to give a ten-year-old child the same thing you would give to someone middle-aged, so keep this fact in mind also. Know your audience and select an age-appropriate gift; otherwise, choose a universal gift.

What Not to Gift a Swimmer

When selecting funny gifts, it is always important to know that humor has limits and boundaries. Sometimes, a funny gift can be a little bit edgy, but you never want to give a vulgar, insulting, or inappropriate gift in any way.

Doing so can lead to awkwardness and disapproval, which we want to avoid, so keep it respectful. While quality humor always encompasses some degree of irony or jest, just use your discretion in determining how much is enough, and stay within the limits of good fun.

Now we can finally move onto our list of specific gift selections for swimmers that are sure to make them laugh. 

I Am a Swimmer T-Shirt

This quality shirt, which features a clever caption comparing the difficulty of swimming to multiple other sports ironically and amusingly, is sure to make a great gift for any swimmer. It is available in various colors and has sizes to accommodate men, women, and youth.

This is a great gift to wear to swim meets and practices and is sure to get some attention from their peers without being over the top.

Swimming Is Importanter Tumbler Mug

This gift is as practical and useful as it is amusing. The side of this tumbler mug reads, “education is important, but swimming is importanter,” a funny little play on words that may not be too far from reality in the minds of many dedicated swimmers.

This mug is stainless steel and comes with a spill-proof locking lid to trap in heat or coldness and keep your drink feeling fresh all day.

This mug will allow the swimmer to keep a coffee before or after their pool session without worrying about it going cold and losing freshness. So if the person you are shopping for happens to love coffee as much as swimming, this may just make for the perfect gift.

The Evolution of the Modern Swimmer Hoodie

Of all the gifts on this list, this hoodie may be the funniest and, at the same time, most useful. 

The logo on this sweater features the famous evolutionary ascent of an upright man from an ape. Still, instead of the traditional version that most people will be familiar with, this one depicts the final stage of human evolution as someone jumping into a pool and doing a breaststroke.

The sweater itself comes in sizes from small to 2XL and can be purchased in black, royal blue, navy blue, and black/grey heather. It is high quality and 80% cotton, so you can’t go wrong.

After This Pizza Protein Shaker

The final gift on this list is the “after this pizza” protein shaker. This humorous shaker’s genius, which features the slogan mentioned above accompanied by a slice of cartoon pizza, is how true it is and how relatable some swimmers will undoubtedly find it.

Many swimmers will utilize protein shakes in their diet to help them recover their muscles from strenuous swimming sessions. This is why this gift is practical and will get plenty of use. 

It is so funny because swimming can drain an athlete’s energy and cause extreme hunger cravings, particularly for calorically dense foods such as pizza. Most swimmers love to treat themselves to some well deserved heavy cheat meals, and for many, pizza might just be their number one go-to.


In this article, we set out to provide the reader with the absolute funniest gifts for swimmers who love to laugh. To narrow down the ideal gift, we must first identify the character traits specific to the individual you are buying for.

In general, the best gifts for swimmers who love to laugh will be health and swimming-related items, such as clothing and kitchenware, with clever captions and phrases embroidered on them. Always keep the humor respectful and in good spirit, and give the person something they can derive practical use from on a regular basis.

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