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Best Gifts for Welders (…These Are Badass!)

close up of a welder working in a factory welding with blue sparks

Did you know that over half of the products we make require some form of welding to complete? It’s that kind of statistic that makes you want to show the welder in your life some appreciation. But what kind of gift can you get for a person who has the skills to make so many things themselves?

The best overall gift for welders is the YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet. It’s a really cool piece of tech and includes two fans. Other great gifts for welders are those that make their lives easier. This could include upgrades to their current equipment or something entirely new.

In this piece, we’ll give our picks for the best gifts you can give a welder. So let’s get to it! Take note that all these products are available on

Best Overall: YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Welders face a lot of challenges beyond welding itself. Perhaps the biggest problem they face is keeping cool in an incredibly hot work environment. Appropriate eye protection is also paramount, given how damaging welding can be to one’s vision. 

This helmet from YESWELDER incorporates several features to address these and other problems welders encounter. An integrated light ensures the user will get the best view of their work possible, while the hi-tech view window offers clear, true colors of their workspace. The wearer can even toggle through several modes (weld, cut, and grind) to get an optimized view for each task. 

We also like that this helmet includes a fan with two speeds. An integrated cooling solution like this can help declutter the workspace while keeping the welder in your life comfortable on the job. 


  • It’s very comfortable. Any welder will tell you that their gear puts comfort second. But the inclusion of an adjustable cushion ensures the wearer will be safe and comfortable at the same time.
  • Includes rechargeable battery. The helmet utilizes a combination of solar power and lithium batteries to power its many features. It only takes four hours to fully charge the batteries, which you can do via USB.
  • Comes with a protective bag. There are a lot of sensitive components in this helmet, so keeping it safe is a priority. Thankfully, YESWELDER includes a storage bag to protect your helmet from incidental damage when not in use.


  • The weight. The helmet weighs 2.7 pounds (1.22 kg), nearly double what similar helmets weigh. It may take time for new users to adjust to the extra weight, but once they do, they’re sure to appreciate all the other features the helmet offers.

Most Efficient Tool: Dent Fix Spot Weld Annihilator Deluxe Drill Kit

Spot welds are one of the first welds most people learn. This technique joins two panels together with very little harm to either one. However, breaking a spot weld can be an absolute pain in the neck and requires heavy-duty equipment like plasma cutters or grinders.

That’s why this spot weld drill kit from Dent Fix is so handy. It doesn’t have the same potential for harm as plasma cutters, nor is it as laborious and time-consuming as grinding. Instead, the unique drill bits break apart spot welds with speed and precision, leaving panels intact.

The drill has a setting so you can select the correct depth without the risk of drilling too far and damaging your work surface or panels. In addition, a welder can replace several pieces of equipment with this drill.


  • It uses pneumatic pressure. Once you’ve changed the depth setting, the drill adjusts its pneumatic pressure to control the speed better. Doing so helps extend the life of each drill bit.
  • Built-in swiveling C-clamp. Strange angles can make breaking up spot welds extremely difficult. Dent Fix’s drill design includes a swiveling C-clamp to make reaching those problematic areas much more manageable.
  • Heavy-duty storage case. All of the drill’s bits and pieces are held securely in a custom-molded plastic case. It’s ideal for busy job sites and travel.


  • Limited drill bit sizes. The drill comes with three drill bits in sizes 8 mm and 10 mm (0.31 and 0.39 in). A third size, 6.5 mm (0.26 in), is available separately from the manufacturer. 

Most Practical Equipment: JEGS Adjustable Welding Table

Welding tables are usually large and bulky, and when they aren’t in use, they’re just taking up space. Freeing up that space goes a long way toward keeping a work area organized, but the problem with most portable welding tables is that they are either too small or have a poor weight capacity. Fortunately, neither is the case with this model from JEGS.

This 30″x20″ (76.2×50.8 cm) table boasts five adjustable positions and can hold up to 350 pounds (158.75 kg). What’s more, it can be neatly folded and tucked away when it isn’t needed. It can even attach to other tables of the same model to create a larger workspace when needed.

What’s especially useful are the retractable edge guides along the sides. The user can raise or lower them as needed to help box in or clamp a project down to keep their work in place.


  • Sturdy metal construction. Durable build holds up well against everyday wear and tear. When correctly assembled, the legs and table will remain firmly in place until you choose to adjust them.
  • Rust-resistant surface. A zinc plating gives your table’s surface excellent protection against rust.
  • Five different angles. Sometimes finding the right angle to work with can be a challenge. Thankfully, JEGS designed this table with five adjustable angles to ensure the proper working conditions no matter the project.


  • The legs are close together. For those who have worked primarily with larger tables, it may take time to adjust to how close the table legs are. However, this issue can be mitigated by connecting it to other tables. 

Best Protection: Defiant Metal Welding and Fabrication Sleeves

The right gloves, apron, and face mask/helmet are essential items for welders. Welding can cause burns and other debilitating severe injuries, so leaving as little skin exposed as possible while maintaining mobility is of the utmost importance. That’s why we think every welder should own these kevlar sleeves from Defiant Metal.

Sparks have the potential to reach and harm any part of a welder’s body, not just the hands, face, and chest. These sleeves are not only burn resistant but cut resistant as well. In addition, they’re designed to fit comfortably with welding gloves, so you can better protect your arms and hands.

These kevlar sleeves are tough, but they’re also surprisingly flexible. As a result, the wearer will maintain a full range of motion while they are being worn. 


  • Breathable kevlar. Welders get very hot beneath all their protective gear. These sleeves won’t contribute to that discomfort, however, as they are only a single layer.
  • Comfortable fit with other gear and clothing. The kevlar is knit tight enough that it gently hugs the arms. Other pieces of equipment and clothing easily fit over them as a result.
  • Two sizes are available. Defiant Metal currently makes these welding sleeves in two sizes: 22″ and 18″ (55.88 and 45.72 cm). Adults will find a good fit with one of these options.


  • They may feel tight on larger arms. The manufacturer warns that their sleeves “may take time to break in on larger diameter arms.” The wearer may feel some discomfort during that time.

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a fantastic gift for a welder, don’t overthink it. Instead, keep three things in mind: style, function, and practicality. Anything that’s easy to use, gets the job done, and looks great while being used are all excellent choices that they’ll love to use time and time again.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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