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How To Decorate Using Indoor String Lights

The ambiance of your room is often dependent on specific accessories including string lights.

Whether it’s depicting a particular mood or trying to evoke a sense of coziness, it starts with these finer elements. We believe there’s nothing more important than high-quality indoor string lights because they can take your room to the next level.

As you scour the market looking for the right fit, it’s best to take your time researching different sizes, types, and colors. Each detail shapes how you feel about the lights when they’re installed.

Our detailed guide will offer insight into choosing the right lights and how to decorate your room.

What are Indoor String Lights?

In general, indoor string lights are designed for interior spaces because they are not waterproof/weatherproof. These lights are designed using a “string” design, which means each light is interconnected along a single cable. It’s a unique, aesthetically pleasing look that adds value to any interior space.

While searching for the right strand, it’s important to understand how many lights are required to fill the room with light. The average strand comes out to be 10 feet in length but there are longer variations available on the open market. Take the time to measure your space and determine what’s best for your needs.

Remember, string lights can’t be cut! This is why it’s important to get your measurements right from day one.

The power source is an essential component when it comes to installing new lights. Whether it’s a traditional AC plug or an advanced USB plug, you need to pinpoint where the electrical source is beforehand. Otherwise, it’s easy to end up with something that looks good but can’t be powered!

Tips for Using String Lights

1) Cascading String of Lights

There are several different ways of installing string lights.

One of our favorite styles is to use the “cascading” effect, which means it goes up and down in a swooping motion. This is a unique look that stands out for all the right reasons.

In our opinion, it’s best to add this kind of effect in a room that is larger. This includes something similar to a kitchen or living room. The drooping or cascading effect is wonderful because it lights up the room and makes it look sleek at the same time. In other situations, you may even think about placing the lights over the coffee table. It draws the eye in and makes the room appear larger too.

When you are installing string lights in this manner, you have to find the right colors. It should have a certain warmth to it and the strand should match with the room’s decor.

This is the only way to make sure the lights don’t take away from your room and its ambiance.

2) Doorways

Having spent years in the world of lighting and interior decorating, we realize the importance of doorways more than anyone else! We have seen it all and most of the times, it’s your doorway that ruins everything.

Since the average person’s eye is going to draw towards the doorway, you have to make it stand out.

This is what high-grade string lights are all about as long as you use them wisely. We recommend stringing the lights around the doorway as there’s a certain aesthetic quality behind doing this. Make sure you are tasteful with the color choices as it should match with the doorway. You don’t want something that is at odds with the actual door.

One of the things you should remember is to ensure only one doorway has this effect. Otherwise, it becomes overwhelming and won’t be as cozy as you would like.

3) Wall-Based Lights

With indoor string lights, you have to think about the wall when it comes to coziness.

The wall is guaranteed to draw the eye and most people use picture frames to personalize their setup. While frames and traditional decorations work well, there’s nothing like wall-based lights when it comes to seeing a modern change.

You are going to enjoy the overall color and how it lights up the room. Place the string lights along one wall and make sure the color works well with the furniture.

This is how the lights start to add to the room’s appeal and make everything look appealing. It can take a bit of time to find the right spot, but it’s well worth the effort.

4) Tableside Lights

Are you tired of traditional bedside tables?

Why not take advantage of your string lights to create a brand-new table? The string light runs along the way behind your bed before linking up to a small stand near the headboard.

It’s a unique look and something that others don’t do. We love the look because it modernizes everything. All of a sudden, the room gets brighter and has a more inviting look to it.

Tableside lights are a winner and something you can play around with using different colors/lengths.

5) Ladder Lights

Ladder lights are breathtaking and can add value to your rustic ladder.

If you have this piece in place, why not invest in high-quality string lights to make the ladder pop out? The lights are going to look amazing as soon as they’re wrapped around the ladder.

6) Shelves and Lights

Do you have bookshelves at home that are often out of the way and trapped in darkness?

We all have shelves like this and they don’t look appealing. With something as simple as string lights, you can showcase your bookshelves to everyone in the room.

To get the right look, we believe there’s nothing better than running lights throughout the bookshelf or outlining its border. This emphasizes the bookshelf’s size and makes it pop at the same time.

7) Living Room Lights

The first place you’re going to consider is the living room.

There’s nothing better than putting on a late-night movie, getting under a blanket, and turning on the string lights. It’s like sitting down in a candlelit room without the candles!

To get this type of look, we recommend running the lights along one side of the room (wall preferably) or having the cascade from end to end. The choice is yours and that’s what makes it appealing.

8) Slanted Lights

Most people work in straight lines when it comes to installing string lights. We realize this is the status quo but it’s time to break out of that mold as soon as you can!

Don’t stick to what others are doing.

You want to mix things up and use slanted angles to get more out of the lights. This means finding a slanted ceiling in the house and attaching the lights from one end to the other.

The slanted look is one of the more contemporary variations you can use. It works like a charm.

9) Desk-based Lights

Do you have a home office set up? What about a desk?

String lights are wonderful because they’re not limited to one part of the house. Instead, you can make the most of them by installing a strand of lights alongside the desk.

Imagine walking into a lit-up office/den and being able to enjoy a cozy working space as you sit down to use the computer. It’s one of those experiences that add authenticity to your room and that’s impossible to beat.

When it comes to setting up the string lights, we believe it’s important to line them along the front of the desk. However, you can also place them above the desk as an additional light source for your reading materials. This is a wonderful way to go if your desk sits along a wall in the room. Simply attach the string lights on the wall overseeing the desk.

10) Entrance Lights

Entranceways often capture a person’s eye as they walk into a room.

This makes them an ideal place for setting the tone using string lights. We highly recommend outlining the entrance with a matching set of string lights because it can make a noticeable difference to the entire room. As soon as the lights go up, you’re going to realize the benefits of using string lights in such a prominent position.

One of the main advantages of using them as an outline has to do with the added sense of warmth. Right away, the room lights up and it ends up gaining a personality of its own that’s crucial in modern spaces.

With something as unique as copper-based strands, it’s possible to bring out the finer qualities of your room.

Final Thoughts

We recommend taking your time during the planning phase. This is one of the more aesthetically pleasing changes you can make when it’s time to light up the property and make it look great.

By implementing the tips mentioned here, you will fall in love with the new look right away!

When it comes to indoor lighting, string lights continue to be the way to go. They are easy on the eyes, sleek, and in line with what a contemporary property owner requires.

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