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35 Funny Gifts for Sisters Who Love to Laugh (2023)

Sisters: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. It helps if yours has a sense of humor. Appeal to her funny bone this Yuletide season, and your prezzies may earn you enough brownie points to merit return gestures in 2021.

Sisters who love to laugh will dig zany trinkets that don’t make sense but are keepers, such as dinosaur taco holders or Donald Trump troll dolls. The practical ones will like smart gifts with a double purpose, such as brainiac coasters. Those who refuse to grow up will love toilet-humor gadgets.

If you’re on the lookout for hilarious gifts this holiday, we have some funnies for you. Read on for some of the best gifts sure to make your sister(s) double up with laughter. We snuck in some not-so-funny ones too, but only because they’re so useful.


Passport to Hell

Send your sister to the hottest destination in the universe with this 64-page passport to hell mini notebook. Due to the popularity of this vacay spot, they’re limiting entry to the evilest. So a passport has become a necessity. From now on, whenever you tell your sis to “Go to hell,” she’ll know you mean it literally.

Lower Expectations Gift Bag

If you dislike wrapping, throw your present into this gift bag. The tongue-in-cheek message printed on it is sure to elicit a smirk: “Now is a good time to lower your expectations.” Despite the pun on this carrier, it is actually of high quality with a sturdy ribbon handle.

Prank Gift Boxes

These empty gift joke prank boxes from Thingamagift are meant to trick recipients into thinking they’re getting freaky products from bizarre companies. What they don’t know is that their real gifts are inside. It’s easy to be caught unaware of the gag because even though the manufacturers have placed wacky pictures and asinine descriptions to illustrate the ludicrous fictional products, they look convincingly real.

Watch the pasted-on smile on your sister’s face as she tries to appear diplomatic about your Tidy Tips gift. The box shows mini toilet brushes on someone’s fingertips hovering over a toilet bowl. Wait for her to break into guffaws when she discovers her real gift and that she’s been pranked.

The easy-to-assemble boxes are made of 100% recyclable cardboard, ship flat, and don’t need staples or glue.

Witty Yeti’s Dehydrated Water

This 16-ounce can from the Witty Yeti Store is supposedly an essential addition to your camper sister’s survival supplies. All she needs to do when thirsty is to add water to the formula in the can, and she’ll end up with unlimited gallons of water.

Drawing Without Dignity

This laugh-out-loud party pleaser with uncensored sketches is from TwoPointOh. It’s an irreverent Pictionary-style game only for the brazen because when a player picks a card, she’ll have to draw whatever is printed on it. For grown-up sisters only.

Grow a Boyfriend

This expandable toy isn’t just a gag gift for the lonesome sister. She can use it as a puppet representing an ex on which she can stick pins and perform spells. If she’s fortunate not to have an ex, then this new boyfriend will do. After all, he’s the perfect date. Unlike his human counterparts, he will never hurt your sister, be late, or take her for granted. All she has to do is drop him in water, and he’ll grow to six times his original size.

Fake Parking Tickets

Fool your sis with one of these, then give her the rest from the pack of 25, so she may torture others. Each ticket has this message printed on it (shortened version): “If it were up to me, you’d receive two of these tickets because of your bullheaded, inconsiderate attempt at parking. You have taken up enough room for 20 donkeys and two elephants.

“You’re an egotistical driver. I gave you this ticket so in the future, you’ll think of others besides yourself. I wish you transmission failure on the highway. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. With my compliments…”

Brain Specimen Coasters

This set of wacko glass coasters will grab the attention of sisters with a taste for the grotesque. When piled up in the correct sequence, they show the entire brain! Each 4” x4” coaster has rubber feet to protect surfaces. Note: they’re not dishwasher-friendly.

Reading Material

Dear Asshole: 101 Tear-Out Letters to the Morons Who Muck Up Your Life

This paperback is perfect for the sister who loves to lash out at anyone who undermines her authority. Jillian and Michelle Madison’s ingenious, sharp-witted tone offers an outlet for your frustrated sibling to express her rage without consequence.

Working with People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Does your sister complain about coworkers, scrummy clients, or just random people in general? Then she will most likely enjoy reading this book and perhaps decide to gift it to “those” who need it most! lol

Sorry, I Barfed on Your Bed (and Other Heartwarming Letters from Kitty)

Does your sister love cats? Then she’ll dig this volume (comes in Kindle and paperback) by comedian Jeremy Greenberg. It’s the feline take on Sorry, I Pooped in Your Shoe. This rib-tickling compendium features excuse letters from cats to their human parents, complete with colorful pics, to compel them to forgive their shenanigans. The book explains behavior from a feline perspective, such as why cats love sleeping on keyboards or eating grass.

Tequila Mockingbird—Cocktails with a Literary Twist

Tim Federle’s cocktail bestseller for the literary aficionado matches 65 drink recipes with smart-aleck quips on classic novels. The book is also littered with drinking games, illustrations, and bar bites. Your sister and her drinking buddies will surely make use of this during their Covid-imposed sip-at-home shindigs. Who needs a barkeep?

1,001 One-Liners and Short Jokes

Author Graham Cann claims his collection of one-liners is the most hilarious on the planet. He categorized the 1,001 gags into sections like Religion and Addictions, so readers can easily access jokes appropriate for their events.

If your sister has been down lately, cheer her up with this volume. Cann guarantees his readers “hours of laughter and enjoyment.” The book can get a chortle out of even the grumpiest Grinch, according to a reader.

Sound Generators

Disappointed Sigh

Is your sister a whiner? Then she’ll like this gadget that allows her to express her disappointment with life. Four settings provide a sigh for every occasion—male, female, shocked, and end-of-the-world—with the touch of a button. She can also use it to annoy her boss when he drones on during never-ending meetings.

Instant Audience Buttons and Fart in a Can

The former is a nifty push-button sound machine with four types of reactions: rimshot, cricket, applause, and boo. The package includes three LR44 batteries.

The latter is also a push-button gadget that generates fart noises. Don’t worry. It doesn’t produce fart smell so that you can prank people (i.e., your sister) in elevators. The package includes two AAA batteries.

Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

A brilliant gadget from Talking TP, this spindle allows you to record your own message and record over it repeatedly. Measuring 8.25” x6”, it fits most toilet paper holders and can be mounted on the wall. Too bad it doesn’t have a remote control. You could have used it to scare an unsuspecting sister. What it’s good for is an inspirational message, perhaps, to accompany a potty session.

Toilet Humor

Bathroom-Related Gadgets

2020 Toilet Paper Quarantine Ornament

This pokes fun at the toilet paper crisis during the early days of the pandemic. When things are tough, people simply need a good laugh or even a smirk. This 3D-printed Christmas tree ornament should do the trick.

Emergency Underpants

This may be a gag gift, but it may just save your sister’s life (or dignity) in an emergency, like spilled drinks or potty-related whoopsies. This handy underwear from Accoutrements is essential during camping, expeditions, or long-haul journeys. Don’t expect a high-quality garment, though. Its thickness is similar to that of mesh hairnets commercial kitchen staff wear.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

If your sister is a golfer, she’ll be delighted with this portable golf game from Fairly Odd Novelties. It comes with a ball, mini-course, and a plastic uniflex, ambidextrous golf club. While submitting to nature’s call, she can engage in putt-y training with this set.

‘No Tear’ Prank Toilet Paper

This realistic impossible-to-tear fake toilet paper by Laughing Smith is made from a unique fabric composite. Pranksters use it to trick their victims into thinking there’s a real roll in the bathroom, but when they start to use it, they’ll realize they can’t rip a piece off!

This gag gift can have opposing effects on your sister. It will have her either in stitches or in a rage. Either way, more fun for you!

Bathroom-Related Books

How to Poo at Work

Authors Enzo and Mats dreamed up this wacky guide (comes in Kindle and paperback) for navigating the workplace loo. It discusses the etiquette in facilitating a number two while at work. The writers recommend it as an essential part of new-employee orientations.

This book will educate your sister on office potty-related dilemmas, including what to do if she isn’t alone in the washroom and the flush is defective, there’s no toilet paper, or she’s expecting a particularly noisy event due to her overzealous consumption of beans at lunch. She’ll be glad there are illustrative diagrams too.

52 Things to Do While You Poo

This hilarious bathroom book by Hugh Jassburn is chock-full of puzzles, trivia, searches, and mazes that revolve around the background, science, and act of excretion. If your sister has a habit of reading while on the can, she’ll love this compendium of brain-engaging activities and informative fun. Regardless of her reading venue, she will emerge a more informed sibling after perusing this volume.

Can Holding in a Fart Kill You?

This is the sequel (comes in Kindle and paperback) to the bestseller, What Did We Use Before Toilet Paper? Its engaging trivia collection of 150 Q&As and 200 fun facts is sure to entertain bored sisters everywhere, as long as they like reading books. The author, Andrew Thompson, answers questions like: “Can Jurassic Park actually exist?” and “Why do dogs go around in circles before going to sleep?”

Political Inspirations

Hillary Clinton Chia Planter

Politics takes on a green hue with this special edition chia pet in the form of Hillary Clinton. If your sister is a Hillary supporter, she’ll love nurturing her hair. The mini horticulture kit from Chia Freedom of Choice contains three seed packets offering a plant growth cycle of one to two weeks. Walmart sells it for $20. Wouldn’t it be great if Kamala Harris has a chia lookalike too?

Donald Trump Troll Doll

The outgoing president is now immortalized in this Hair to the Chief troll collectible from Design Masters. Whether or not your sister supports him, she’ll keep this oddball gift for the hair. Legend has it that rubbing a troll’s hair brings good fortune.


These presents aren’t necessarily funny; just cute.

Emergency Inflatable Tiara

This vinyl crown with an elastic strap is perfect for her Royal Highness in instances when she’s caught without her favorite beanie. Joining the monarchy is simply a puff away. The one-size-fits-all tiara is 15” long when deflated.

Chair Spins Sign

This acrylic desktop sign measuring 4.5” x2.75” says, “Some days, the best thing about my job is that my chair spins.” By displaying this in the office, your sister may merely be echoing her colleagues’ sentiments but making it seem as if she thought of it first.

Custom Face Socks

Two different brands offer these novelty socks: Divvyup Socks and Shine Lady. Send these companies an unflattering photo of your sister, and their designers will print it on a pair of socks. To ensure her image is preserved for a long time, upload a high-resolution jpeg. Every time she wears the socks, she’ll either think fondly of you or curse you. Either way, she will never forget you.

These unisex socks are made of stretchable high-quality polyester and come in different sizes. The color is black all over, except for the toe and heel. Care tips: hang them dry after cold-washing with similar colors, don’t tumble-dry and cover with a cotton sheet before ironing.


These are funny gifts that have a practical purpose and can actually benefit the recipient.

Portable Pizza Pouch

This pizza-holding necklace from Pearl Enterprises is an excellent gag gift for the pizza lover sister. The reusable, washable ziplock pouch keeps the heat of a pizza slice in, preserving the delicacy for later consumption.

This gizmo is handy when you need to be hands-free at the movies, concerts, or the subway. The lanyard is detachable and can be transferred to other items that you hang around your neck, like pens, key-holders, or mini flashlights.

Dinosaur Taco Holder

The TriceraTaco Stand from Funwares carries two tacos on its back. Not just for kid sisters, but grown-up ones too. The gadget also holds waffles, nachos, paninis, and other snacks. It is made of 100% food-safe and BPA-free materials.

Ice-Cream Lock

If your sister is an ice-cream fanatic sharing a ref with like-minded folks, she needs Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock ice-cream combination lock to protect her stash. Designed to fit Ben & Jerry’s pint containers’ lids, the Euphori-Lock has a unique code. Set it up before gifting the lock to her if you love ice-cream too.

Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster

This gift is for the angler sister—sort of. Okay, so this pole doesn’t catch fish. Instead, it allows the owner to hold marshmallows and other edible goodies over a roasting fire. Don’t tell her this when you hand over the wrapped box. It’s worth waiting for the look of disappointment on her face when she discovers the pole’s limitation. If she’s a camper and likes making s’mores, though, she’ll love this contraption.

Subtle Butt Fart Pads

These disposable gas neutralizers (lol) filter out sisters’ fart smells. The thin, discreet pads are covered with soft fabric treated with charcoal. They self-adhere to underwear. The folks at Fashion First Aid claim their antimicrobial, activated carbon fart pads are the most effective ever. They make great stocking stuffers. Handy during cook-offs and binge-eats too. Bring on the chili!

Affirmators at Work

These 50 inspirational affirmation cards “help you help yourself without the ‘self-helpy-ness.’”

The Knock Knock company and comedian Suzi Barrett produced this deck for coworkers, but sisters in the workforce will appreciate them too. The cards are meant to provide solace while giving a good laugh to weary employees still going to work despite the quarantine, as well as those forced to turn their bedrooms into offices.

Journals for Teachers

If your sister is an academic or works in a corporate environment and is always complaining about what goes on at work, this gratitude journal will help her get it off her chest.


Whether your sister loves pets, collectibles, toiletries, journaling, traveling, cooking, gadgets, or gags, there’s a gift waiting in the wings for her. Pluck it out from our selection above. We hope our 2021 guide has given you some unique ideas that will tickle your sister’s ribs.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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