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20 Funny Gifts for Judges Who Love to Laugh

20 Funny Gifts for Judges Who Love to Laugh (2021)
It’s not always easy finding a gift that is appealing to a judge. However, you will find that no judge has ever prosecuted anyone for giving them great gifts for laughter! So, if you are looking for the perfect, funny gift for your favorite judge, then look no further.
The best funny gifts for judges are those filled with humor, sarcasm, and wittiness. Clothing, coffee mugs, and collectibles are all great examples of the funny gifts you can get them. The key to finding the right gift is by looking at the evidence available. 
We will take a look at various options available for you to make your decision as to what funny gift is best for your judge. We give sworn testimony to their awesomeness. Let’s take a look below to get an idea about some of the best options.


What can be better than accessorizing to show off your sense of humor? We may not know judges to openly share their humor in the courtroom, but that is certainly a different case when it comes to their days off! Below we will list great clothing options for your judge to wear.

Only Judy Can Judge Me!

This long sleeve T-shirt is a total classic and is still, oh, so relevant to today. (If you haven’t seen the show, Judge Judy, you should check out at least one episode). This long-sleeve shirt comes in five different colors, and the sizes range from small to 3XL. The shirt features a graphic design with a gavel as well. Keep in mind that this saying can be found on a variety of other shirts as well.

Daddy’s a Lawyer, But Mommy’s a Judge!

This short-sleeve Baby T-shirt is the perfect shirt for the child of a judge. It is sure to make someone smile with its cute and funny message! It comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs for any child to wear. We suggest not showing dad!

Judge Because Badass isn’t an Official Job Title

A casual style short-sleeve T-shirt that will not only show off your judge’s personality but offers a great bit of humor as well! This shirt comes in a few different styles – value, classic, or deluxe – depending on the kind of fit they would prefer. There are also seven colors to choose from, ranging from small to extra-extra-large.

See You in Court
Typically when you imagine “court” about a judge, you picture a courtroom with a stern judge along with a room filled with a jury and witnesses. In this case, the term “court” in this short-sleeved t-shirt is a cute, funny pun for your judge showing off their interests in tennis! The shirt’s graphic design shows the tennis court in the background. This shirt is perfect for a fun, humorous, relaxed style.

Your Honor

This shirt features a sketch of a lawyer addressing a judge at the bench. The lawyer says, “Your Honor, my client requests the opportunity to try a different story.” Every judge has dealt with these situations, where the storyline doesn’t work out for the convicted. What better way to show this humor than on a t-shirt for your judge?

Just Sitting Here, Silently Judging

Do you know a judge that loves puns? This is the perfect t-shirt for them! This tee design will make everyone smile. A judge silently judging?

One Size Fits All

We’re not talking about the shirt’s size, although this shirt does come in sizes from small to 3XL. This uniquely designed shirt features a graphic of a pair of handcuffs – which can fit all criminals. A funny t-shirt that will be sure to keep your judge and others laughing!

When My Mouth is Moving

Everyone knows that the judge is in charge! With this shirt, your judge can show off their personality and humor in a casual style, with a design that includes the wording “When my mouth is moving, it means you need to be quiet.”

Mugs, Tumblers, and Wine Glasses

A mug is a great, personalized gift to give a judge. It is also a gift that they can carry around everywhere! They might even want to bring it to work with them. We made a list of some light, funny mugs that will bring a bright smile to their face.

Don’t Make Me Use My Judge Voice

A high-quality comic mug that makes for the perfect gift! Luckily, the design is printed on both sides for everyone to enjoy.

Will Give Legal Advice for Wine

A rose gold, stainless steel tumbler with a well thought out design. This tumbler also includes two lids, two straws, a cup brush, and a straw brush, along with its humorous message. The insulated design will keep their drink hot for up to five hours or cold for nine hours.

Judge Nutritional Facts

This printed mug design features funny “nutritional” facts about what it takes to make one miracle worker (eh hem, judge). The daily value percentages are based on determination, hard work, focus, sleep, social life, and your judge’s “bullshit detector.” Oh, and there is a lack of regret at 0 percent.

Good Day, Bad Day

This two-sided glass features a special design depending on the day your judge is having. One side features the scale of justice design, while the other includes a scale based on the type of day they’re having. A good day? A bad day? Or, should you even ask?

Let’s Drink Wine and Judge People

A cup for your lady judge that comes in mint green or rose gold. This double insulated cup will keep drinks hot or cold for up to three hours and have a sturdy, sealed lid to prevent any spilling. It is the perfect gift for your judge!

Retirement Weekly Schedule

Do you happen to know a former judge that is now retired? This ceramic mug is perfect for them! The design is fun and hilarious, featuring high-quality graphic designs printed on both sides.

Case Dismissed

This shot glass is the ideal gift for your judge! It is a 1.5-ounce glass created with ceramic that features the hilarious message “Case Dismissed.” You can also use this punny gift for a retiring judge. They will surely appreciate the humor!

Collectibles and Others

You Are An Amazing Judge

This journal features the words “You are an amazing judge. Simply fantastic. All the other judges, total disasters. Everyone agrees. Believe me!” that mirrors the way Donald Trump speaks. It is filled with 120-pages of white-colored paper for your favorite judge to use. Simple and funny – what could be better?

Bey-Berk Legal Decision Maker

Do you know a judge who could use some help making those tough decisions? Well, look no further! This heavy paperweight features an almost silent spinner, along with eight great choices for them to choose from. Our favorite – Ask mom.

I Can’t Fix Stupid

A simple but exquisite wooden Christmas ornament can be personalized with a name, date, or picture with the order. This gift is sure to get your judge to laugh!

Dammit, Judge

Do you know a judge that needs something to relieve their stress? This uniquely designed judge Dammit Doll is the perfect option! Have them diffuse their anger and stress by slamming the doll away. We can vouch that it works wonders.

Judge Judy (Saint Candle)

Every judge needs to look up to the best right? Your judge can show their devotion to their favorite celebrity with this funny handmade prayer candle.


We know how hard it is to find the right gift, so we did the work for you! This article includes a variety of funny gifts, categorized into:
Mugs, tumblers, glasses, etc.
Collectibles and other things
Hopefully, this will help guide you in finding the perfect gift for your favorite judge!

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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