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25 Funny Gifts for Doctors (Inappropriate Or Not?)

Doctors work on the front lines of danger, and they face sickness and death every day. But just because their job is serious, it doesn’t mean there should be no humor in their lives. Doctors still have a whole different personality outside of how they are in the hospital and have their own hobbies and pastimes, so finding them a gift that is both funny and personal wouldn’t be difficult.

Some funny gifts for doctors include practical yet generic items like mugs and shirts with humorous prints. There are also fun gifts that are more personal and point to the things they enjoy outside of their work and out of their scrub suits. It’s just a question of how well you know them.

In this article, we listed some of the funny and quirky gift ideas to give your doctor friends and loved ones. These items are suitable for any occasion, whether it’s for doc’s birthday or for Christmas. They would also make perfect “thank you” tokens to give them for being there for you during difficult times.

Quirky Mugs and Tumblers

Doctors take on long and tiring shifts at the hospital, so they need their caffeine fix. That is why mugs and tumblers make very practical gifts. But instead of the ordinary mugs and cups that they can get from the store, give them one with a medical theme or at least something that would make a great conversation piece with their colleagues.

  • Medical Valentine’s Day Mug: This hilarious mug would make a perfect gift for a doctor on Valentine’s Day. Or for a cardiologist on any given day.
  • Vagina Mug: Are we talking about a gynecologist? Then there may be no better present to give them than this mug, which features fun illustrations of the many different faces of the vagina.
  • Funny Doctor or Google Tumbler: Because, let’s admit it, we Google our symptoms and suddenly think we’re dying.

Hilarious Tees

T-shirts with funny quotes or prints also make great gifts for doctors you don’t know on a personal level. Even doctors you know pretty well but you just want to give a gift with a smile or laughter from people they meet and who read the message on their shirts.

  • Cells of the Immune System: This shirt is perfect for an immunologist. And it’s funny and cute. That’s like hitting two, or three, birds with one stone.

Medical Humor Books

For the doctors in your life who love to read, books would be a welcome addition to their shelves. And the great thing about funny books is that reading them would require less brainpower. These books would make great companions for our dear doctors as they spend a relaxing evening after a long day of saving humankind.

  • Why Do Men Have Nipples: The title alone would surely make your doctor pal laugh. “Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You’d Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini.” It would equip them for when people they meet at a bar or when friends at a party start asking strange questions. Because, trust us, that time will come.
  • Medical Humor – Medical Nonsense To Tickle Your Funnybone: Anyone working in the medical field deserves a good laugh every now and then. And this book delivers. It serves hilarious jokes and anecdotes that doctors would genuinely find relatable.
  • A Joke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away: This book of jokes and funny anecdotes would be ideal for doctors to place on their waiting room coffee table. You know how it is when there are many anxious and worried patients in one room, all waiting to see the doctor. This book would make a good icebreaker and possibly prevent meltdowns.
  • Well, Doc, It Seemed Like a Good Idea At The Time! The Unexpected Adventures of a Trauma Surgeon: This book is amusing, highly entertaining, and perfect for light and breezy reading before bed. It’s the perfect way for any doctor to end a long day hustling at the hospital. Having been written by a surgeon, this book is something they would surely find very relatable.

Human Organ for Transplant Lunch Bag

This insulated lunch box from ThinkGeek would make a perfect gift for your surgeon friend who does organ transplants. Or his wife.

And while you are at it, you may want to toss the ARIEL Heart Veins Stress Toy, which is a stress ball shaped like a human heart, into the lunch box for the full effect.

Accoutrements Emergency Underpants Dispenser

Disposable underwear is useful for many people, but when you give an underpants dispenser to a doctor, especially a urologist, it does look funny. A doctor who hands a box of undies to a patient like he would a box of Kleenex is a doctor with humor.

Bandage Doctor Necktie

A bandage necktie would make a hilarious gift to someone who deals with our booboos. However, remember that only a doctor with a great sense of humor and silliness about him could pull this tie off. Otherwise, this necktie will just be something you give for comic relief because it will stay in the drawer, without any practical use.

Accoutrements Bacon Bandages

Speaking of bandages and booboos, here’s another item that is perfect for a doctor. But we’re talking of one who loves bacon. Or, when you really think about it, a doctor who hates bacon with a passion. Giving a box of these bandages as a gift would be just the right blend of funny, mocking, and teasing.

A Brain Beanie for the Brain Surgeon

If we are talking about a gift for a neurosurgeon, then this brain beanie is hilariously perfect! It is knitted and is warm and fuzzy, so it’s difficult to say no to it when it’s freezing cold outside. And, oh, only brain doctors with an amazing sense of humor would know what a treasure this fashion accessory is.

Funny Socks

Unlike kids, grownups appreciate socks, especially socks with character and humor.

  • Off-Duty Socks: We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more humorous than an on-duty doctor wearing a pair of socks that says, “Off Duty, Save Yourself.”

2021 Calendar of Daily Medical Cartoons and Humor

The Medical Cartoon-A-Day 2021 Calendar, A Daily Dose of Humor, is excellent for any stressed doctor out there. And which doctor isn’t? It’s going to be like giving them a treat and making them laugh, or at least smile, every single day.

Funny, Squishy Stress Balls

Let’s admit it, we never really outgrow squishy things. So squishy stress balls are always appreciated. But some of them do come in quirky or funny designs that any stressed, overworked MD would just love to squeeze in between surgeries. In fact, surgeons do need these balls to keep their wrists and fingers in tiptop shape.

Take, for instance, these Caomaru Stress Relief Squeezing Toys, which come as strange and funny squishy faces.

You can also make Amigurumi stress balls if you know how to crochet. The boob-shaped balls would be perfect for your plastic surgeon friend. You can get the Amigurumi Pattern for these breast balls from Etsy.

Funny Horror Apron

If your doctor or surgeon loves to grill, cook, or garden, get them an apron. But not just any apron. You can go for something with dark humor, like this bloody Ambesonne Horror House Apron, with the bloody handprint looking like somebody’s patient woke up on the operating table.

Fun Sugar Cookies

If you want to give your doctor pals some treats or goodies that they can share with their hospital colleagues, clinic staff, or family, get them sugar cookies. The fantastic thing about cookies is that you can custom-decorate them with royal icing and pick funny designs or funny wordings.

Take, for example, tooth cookies for your dentist. You can easily bake some using this tooth cookie cutter. These medical puns cookies would also make your doctor laugh. You can do a quote or ask-your-doctor theme for the cookies, like this.


There are many gift ideas for doctors out there. If you know them personally, you don’t even have to stick to the medical theme because you can get them something more fitting to their personalities and preferences.

However, whether your gift is generic, more personalized, or customized, going for the funny option is always a great idea. After all, doctors do have stressful jobs, and they deserve to have some fun and laughter as often as possible.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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