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How To Decorate A Boring Fireplace Using Decorative Lights?

Traditional fireplaces are often boring, unimpressive, and odd-looking.

While the fireplace isn’t designed to be the center of attention, it’s important to modernize things from time to time. With something as simple as decorative fireplace lights, you can quickly personalize this part of your living room or family space.

Here’s more on decorative lights for fireplaces, how they work, and what to consider during the installation process.

Types of Lights for Fireplaces

1) String Lights

Indoor string lights refer to single “strands” of light with bulbs evenly spread from one end to the other. These lights come in various hues, colors, and designs based on the buyer’s preference.

A high-quality light such as the BaiYunPOY’s Globe Decorative String Lights is a great example of what you can add.

These lights can connect to a traditional electrical outlet or USB port depending on their design. Due to their single-strand setup, these are easy to hook around fireplaces without ruining the overall aesthetic of your room. These lights are also known for being easy to manipulate based on your room’s requirements.

Whether it’s a small or large-sized fireplace, these indoor string lights can do wonders for the room.

2) Pre-Lit Garlands

Garlands are generally associated with other parts of the property such as front doors but that’s not the only option. With pre-lit garlands, the lights are naturally woven into the garland design making them an ideal addition for interior elements such as fireplaces. Simply hook them into place and watch as the lights illuminate the room immediately.

A wonderful example of these lights would be the Hairui Twig Spring Mossy Garland. This is a waterproof, battery-operated garland designed specifically for fireplaces.

Homeowners enjoy using pre-lit garlands because they’re unique, aesthetically pleasing and remain easy to set up. This makes it easier to move around if there comes a time when you need to re-design the room.

3) Lanterns

Lanterns have a certain warmth to them that is inviting, alluring, and has an unmistakable elegance. This is why fireplace-friendly lanterns are a common type of light used for this part of the home.

These lights are shaped light lanterns with the materials being fireplace-friendly.

A good example of a top-quality decorative lantern would be the Lmac Fireplace Lantern. This particular lantern is battery-operated with a copper-based exterior.

Having a lantern sit on top of the fireplace is an easy addition that’s beautiful, unique, and meaningful at the same time.

4) Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are just as the name suggests. They are battery-operated and emit a warm light that illuminates the fireplace/room. These candles are shaped just like traditional candles. This makes them appealing additions to a traditional room with regular furniture. Instead of draping lights, homeowners can use flameless candles for decorative purposes.

One of the better flameless candles on the market right now would be the Antizer Flameless Candles. These candles are robust, easy to set up and work with accessible batteries making them safe for all types of fireplaces.

Things To Consider

1) Measurements

Start with the basics and get all of your measurements written down.

This includes the fireplace’s length, width, height, and depth. Having all of this information in hand makes it easier to invest in a good pair of lights without over or underestimating.

Remember, most of these lights are difficult to cut or extend, which means you have to get the measurements right. Otherwise, you will end up having to make a second purchase.

Take the time to patiently measure each part of the fireplace before making a purchase. It’s also smart to measure the entire room as a way to see how far the light is going to travel. You never want to invest in something too bright or too invasive. Once you have these measurements in hand, start taking a look at potential lights for your setup.

2) Usability of the Fireplace

Think about how the fireplace is going to be used.

For example, some homeowners never use their fireplace, which makes it easier to use almost any type of light. However, those turning on the fireplace during those wintry nights in December may not like having flameless candles or lanterns getting in the way. These are details you have to account for well in advance.

By knowing whether the fireplace is usable or not, you can make faster decisions that are in line with your needs.

3) Lighting Requirements

Each fireplace and its accompanying room have specific lighting needs.

This means you have to figure out how much light is required for the room to stay cozy. No one wants their room to become impossibly bright. This is why it’s best to sit down and take a look at how powerful each light is. You should also focus on the lights already present in that specific room (i.e. pot lights, chandeliers).

Once you’re aware of these requirements, it’s easier to figure out what works and what does not. You won’t end up with something that dim or too bright.

4) Colors

Yes, the colors are essential when it comes to investing in decorative lights.

You are going to have a few options available on the open market. For example, some lights are whiter (cooler) in tone while others are a yellow (warmer) light.

There’s no right or wrong answer in terms of making a choice. However, it’s always best to think about your particular fireplace and what works best with its current setup.

In general, most fireplaces work better with warmer lights because it keeps the room cozy and inviting.

5) Ambiance

The ambiance or “character” of your room is just as important as anything else. Don’t ignore this component because it’s not a tangible fact. When you sit down, the room should provide a certain ambiance and it starts here.

High-quality decorative lights for your fireplace can be a game-changer in setting the right tone.

If you want something easy-going and relaxed then it’s best to go with lights that suit that specific requirement (i.e. warm-colored string lights, flameless candles). However, if you simply want something traditional then a lantern might be a better option. It’s all about what you want and what you think is right.

Ways to Decorate the Fireplace Using Lights

1) Draped Design

The concept of draping your decorative lights onto the fireplace is well-regarded among homeowners. This idea involves taking string lights and cascading them from one end to the other.

This ensures the fireplace is illuminated from top to bottom and the string lights don’t look out of place. It’s similar to stringing lights along an entrance to make it pop a bit.

If you want to use indoor string lights then this is one of the best ways to make your fireplace stand out. It’s going to be noticeable right away and that’s something homeowners love.

2) Interior Lighting

Since a fireplace offers interior access, it’s possible to place lights inside.

Of course, as mentioned before, this is only possible if the fireplace isn’t being used. If the fireplace is being used then this is not an option. With interior lighting, the idea is to take something like a pair of flameless candles and putting them into the fireplace. They will rest where the “fire” would be.

Since these candles are flameless, they will remain safe inside the fireplace while illuminating its interior.

The look ends up being unique and truly adds to the room’s personality.

3) Outlined Design

The outlined design is wonderful and is something you can do with almost any type of light. Since the average fireplace comes with a shelf, this is perfect for setting up lights along the top and then having them run down towards the ground.

You can do this with string lights, garlands, lanterns, and even candles.

The idea is to outline the fireplace with the use of lights. With string lights, you wrap the strand along the edges to get the desired look. While the lantern and candles can be positioned on each end to achieve the same look.

The beauty of using an outlined design is the number of options available to you.

Safety Expectations

Staying safe is important when it comes to decorative fireplace lights.

Considering various energy sources (gas, electricity) are combining to create this look, it’s important to plan. If new lights are going up, it’s best to take your time before installing them.

Essential safety requirements include:

* Location of the Electrical Outlet
* Positioning of the Lights
* Main Energy Source for the Fireplace

Once these details are ironed out, you can move forward with the installation. Otherwise, you could end up with a significant safety risk at home and that’s the last thing you need!

Final Thoughts

With all of this information in hand, it’s easier than ever before to decorate your fireplace.

Instead of sticking to the status quo, why not mix things up a little bit? One of these decorative lights will turn your fireplace into the center of attention.

Use the tips mentioned here to get started!

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