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25 Best Gifts for Sewers and Quilters (2023)

tailor woman working on new dress and sewing

If you aren’t into sewing or quilting yourself, it can be difficult to shop for someone who loves this art form. You will be able to buy the best gifts for sewers and quilters if you consider a few things.

The best gifts for sewers and quilters depend on how advanced the crafter you’re buying for is, what they usually make, and how technologically savvy they are. These factors help to zero in on the perfect gift, but necessities like thread, fabric, and a new pair of scissors are great options.

Have you been racking your brain on what to buy the sewer or quilter in your life but keep coming up blank? We understand, and we’re here to save the day. We’ve got some questions for you first, but keep reading, and we’ll help you find the perfect gift for the crafter you love.

What to Consider When Buying a Gift for a Sewer or Quilter

Not all sewers and quilters are alike. There isn’t just a one-size-fits-all type of gift, though it would be much easier if that existed. Each maker is unique and has their own style. Consider the following things to make sure the gift you pick for your loved one is perfect for them.

How Advanced They Are

If the person you are shopping for is just beginning their journey working with fabric, they will likely have different needs than someone who has been doing this for years. It’s important to consider whether they’ll actually need a state-of-the-art sewing machine or if a restock of thread would be more suitable for them.

If you don’t know their skill level or how long they’ve been sewing or quilting, it might be best to stick to the basics. If you’re confident that they’re dedicated to their craft, then go all out for them.

young tailor working on sewing machine

The Type of Goods They Make

Think back to what types of products the sewer in your life usually creates. Do they embroider delicate designs on canvas, or do they create their own clothing? Do they hem pants and mend zippers, or do they cross stitch Christmas stockings? The type of goods your sewer makes is an important thing to consider before choosing a gift for them.

Not all accessories are suitable for every form of sewing, so considering what your loved one usually makes is a good place to start.

For example, the quilter in your life may love to hang up their pieces on display, so beautiful frames would make a great option, but that wouldn’t be ideal for a sewer who loves designing dresses.

Don’t worry, though. We’ll go through which gifts are specific to which kinds of people.

background made of threads, needles and buttons in tailor workshop

How Technologically Savvy They Are

Bear in mind that not every maker wants the new, trendy sewing machine that features an array of buttons and functions. Some of them like to keep it traditional and still sew every stitch by hand. We will give you ideas for lovers of both.

Basic Gift Ideas

There are some items that all sewers and quilters—beginner or pro, classic or contemporary—alike need. These are the building blocks of every sewing kit, all necessary go-to’s, and the items that need to be replaced. When in doubt, start here.

Xinart 45mm Rotary Cutter

Rotary cutters are a fantastic addition to a sewer’s collection. The spinning blade cleanly slices through the fabric to achieve the cleanest cut possible. Think of it as a pizza cutter for fabric. The easy-to-use slicing style of the tool saves time compared to standard scissors. Plus, it’s much more convenient.

The Xinart cutter’s handle is ergonomically designed to prevent hand cramps and fatigue. This means your beloved sewer or quilter can spend more time doing what they love and save some achiness. Even lefties will adore this tool as it’s suitable for both left and right-handed dominance.

The rotating blade also locks and retracts for superior safety and longevity. Despite being made of top-quality steel, all blades dull over time. Fortunately, the Xinart comes with two replacement blades, so your sewer will be set for quite a while.

CiaraQ Sewing Threads Kit

A sewer can never have too much thread. It’s simply impossible. After all, this is the item that quite literally brings a sewer’s masterpieces together.

This pack of thread contains 30 differently colored spools of thread, each 250 yards (228.6 meters) long. That’s 7,500 yards (6,858 meters) of thread. With a color range so diverse, your sewer will always have the shade they need for any project they embark on.

These spools fit perfectly into most sewing machines but are perfect for embroidery as well. The thread is made of sturdy polyester and can be used for just about anything.

Eiqer Magnetic Pin Cushion

Accidentally dropping sewing pins on the floor is a huge safety hazard. With a magnetic pin cushion, all of those worries virtually disappear.

Magnetic pin cushions securely attract the metal pins your beloved sewer is using to hold their pieces of fabric in place, but they’re good for sewing or embroidery needles as well. Once the crafter has finished their project, they can simply hover the magnetic cushion over their work station and floor to pick up any stray pins.

The unique thing about this cushion, in particular, is that it’s worn as a bracelet. A silicone band attaches the magnetic metal plate to the sewer’s wrist for optimal efficiency and convenience.

Evergreen Art Supply Sewing Scissors and Thread Snips

Professional quality tools can turn a great project into a fantastic one. Clean cuts are of the utmost importance in the sewing world, and these Evergreen Art Supply tools are here to help your favorite sewer be the best they can be.

These high carbon steel shears are durable, precise, and powerful. When it comes down to strength and longevity, there is no better pair of all-purpose scissors around. Still, the scissors are comfortable to use and cut with ease. No stress on your hand or mind is needed.

Even better, these sheers come with a bonus gift: thread snips. While these small thread cutters are tiny, the sewer in your life will be amazed at their top-notch quality. This gift is a no-brainer.

Gifts for the Seamstress

Is the sewer in your life a clothing savvy seamstress? Are they always designing their own tunics or tank tops, hemming dresses or skirts, and mending jeans with a big hole in the leg? If this sounds anything like someone in your life, you’ll want to take a peek at this list of the best gifts for sewists.

EXTCCT Sewing Tools 7 Style Curve Metric Ruler

Sewists need a little more than a standard, hard plastic, straight-edged ruler. Fashion designers work with tons of various, non-linear angles, and that’s where this set comes into play. This seven-piece sewing tool pack contains four different straight-edged rulers, two curved rulers, and one L-square ruler.

Every ruler is bendable without being fragile, so the designer can always achieve the angle they need. All straight-edged rulers are also transparent with graduated measurements for accurate and easy readings.

The rounded tools provide a steady guide for all kinds of curves imaginable. Fashion designers rejoice!

Dritz 699 Deluxe Marking Chalk Hem Maker

Any seamstress who regularly works with hems needs a do-it-yourself marker like this one. The tool is low-tech and easy to use but a necessary addition to your beloved seamstress’s workstation.

This tool is a free-standing device that uses chalk powder to create a guideline for the hem. Simply set the height as between 4.5 inches to 29.5 inches (11.43 cm to 74.93 cm) from the floor and squeeze the bulb pump to mark your hem.

We know that the seamstress in your life will be making the most out of this tool, so we’ve already thought ahead for the both of you: add the Dritz 681 Chalk Refill to your cart, too, while you’re at it.

CLOVER NR-632 Mini Iron Adapters Set

Pressing seams has never been easier than with the CLOVER Mini Iron set. Some seams are too intricate to set with a standard iron properly, but this set solves all of those problems. This package includes a tiny handheld iron tool and five adapter tips. Any hard-to-reach seams will be a problem of the past when using this kit.

The iron features three heat settings—high, medium, and low—to accompany different fabrics’ specific needs.

Polardo Handheld Portable Garment Steamer

Everyone who handles clothing needs a steamer, especially someone who makes them. Help your loved one keep their masterpieces wrinkle-free with this portable garment steamer. It’s completely travel-friendly, so whether the seamstress in your life is working from home or bringing their fashion out and about in the world, they can always have their trusty steamer.

The Polardo steamer heats up in just 25 seconds and has a water reservoir large enough for 10 straight minutes of steaming, but it also features a convenient start and stop button on the handle.

The unique design of this product treats fabric delicately while never failing to remove a stubborn crease. However, it does more than just remove wrinkles. The Polardo steamer also disinfects, sanitizes, and refreshes every fabric type. Talk about all-in-one!

Gifts for the Embroiderer or Cross Stitcher

Embroidery is the new tie-dye. It’s easy to catch on to, thoroughly hands-on, and super trendy. These days, you’re more likely to know someone who embroiders or cross stitches—whether it’s a casual hobby or a livelihood—than you are to not.

The tricky thing about shopping for these crafty friends is that there are only so many hoops, canvases, and needles we can buy them. Sure, these items are necessary to their craft (they truly are the building blocks of these art forms), but what else can we buy for them to change it up a bit? We’ll take a look at some fun new mediums, kits, and books that they can add to their repertoire.

Outgeek Beginner Embroidery Jewelry Kit

There is no better way to display art than by wearing it. Outgeek’s embroidery kit comes with three pieces of fabric, pendants, chains, and thread. Embroidered jewelry is a fun alternative to displaying a standard hoop on the wall.

These pieces are incredibly user-friendly, even to those new to the craft. Each piece of fabric comes complete with a printed outline to follow and step-by-step instructions. This particular kit makes three different floral pendants.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and the embroiderer in your life will give you a beautiful necklace in return.

guofa Creative Double-Hoop Design Embroidery Kit

Most people are familiar with the standard embroidery hoop design these days. Not all of us have seen the less-known double hoop design, though. These pieces are like an embroidery donut: a larger outer hoop and a smaller inner one form a hole in the middle.

This is a unique gift for even the most experienced embroiderer as the double hoop style is far less common than a standard one.

The guofa kit comes with everything needed: two hoops, embroidery canvas and floss, needles, a thimble, scissors, needle threaders, and an instruction kit.

After the piece has been completed, it can be hung as is or be used as a picture frame.

Feminist Cross-Stitch: 40 Bold & Fierce Patterns

A woman’s place is cross-stitching. Sure, why not? Friends, family, and loved ones of crafty feminists rejoice! There is no better gift for an activist who has a knack for stitching. Complete with fierce slogans like “when they go low, we go high” and iconography like the transgender pride flag, Feminist Cross-Stitch is filled with powerful patterns.

This book takes you through everything from the types of supplies needed to different stitches to the actual patterns themselves. Regardless of how advanced the cross stitcher is, they’ll be good to go.

Cross Stitch 14 Count Graph Paper Notebook

It may be surprising to some, but a graph paper notebook is actually the ultimate organizational tool for cross stitchers. The nature of cross stitch patterns makes this grid paper ideal for mapping out future patterns.

The best thing about this notebook is that all of the designs are conveniently located in one perfectly bound, secure place. The book contains 110 pages of 14 count paper just waiting to be filled up.

Mira HandCrafts Premium 133 Piece Embroidery Thread and Sewing Kit

Both embroiderers and cross-stitchers alike will adore this rainbow of thread. It contains 121 vibrant skeins in an array of shades, deluxe silver string, 10 needles, and one threader. Each skein is 8.75 yards (8 meters) long, meaning there are over 1,050 yards (960 meters) of embroidery thread in this kit.

Gifts for the Quilter

Our quilter friends are the ones that keep us cozy all winter long when we’re stuck inside hiding from the cold, and we owe them a thank you. Here is a list featuring some classic and fun quilting fabrics, an innovative new take on the art, and a great way to help your loved one show off their work.

iNee Aurora Solids Fat Quarters Quilting Fabric Bundle

A quilter can never have enough fabric. This bundle of fat corners is made of 100% cotton. It contains 17 different icy colors that complement each other perfectly—no need to decide on a color palette when the bundle already does that job for you.

Each piece of fabric measures 18 inches by 22 inches (45.72 cm by 55.88 cm).

BYY 100% Cotton Fruit Prints Fabric

Solid-colored fabric is a classic staple item, but sometimes you just need a pop of print to liven things up. You can make an entire fruit salad out of these fun patterns that feature pineapples, bananas, watermelon, kiwis, peaches, and oranges.

The fabric is made of 100% cotton and is eco-friendly while being comfortable and soft to the touch. Each bundle comes with six pieces of 15.7 inches by 19.7 inches (39.88 cm by 50.04 cm) fabric.

Quilt Magic Fall Butterfly Kit

It looks like a quilt and feels like a quilt, but is it really? This piece is actually not sewn together at all, though you would never guess it. Still, it requires hands-on assembly. “How,” you ask? Well, instead of using thread and a needle to connect pieces, the fabric is simply tucked into a pre-cut foam board.

While it may not be a conventional kit for the average quilter, it is a fun project that achieves a similar endpiece but takes a totally different route to get there.

Precision Quilt Classy Clamps Wooden Hangers

Help your quilter friend display their handmade art with the help of these wooden wall hangers. The simple yet classic design of these rich, high-quality beechwood pieces looks great in any room. The set contains four hangers and stainless steel screws for an easy setup experience.

The Precision clamps are wide and strong enough to support materials as thick as half an inch (1.27 cm) to as thin as a single sheet of paper. Talk about versatility! Your loved one’s quilts are in good hands with these truly classy clamps.

Gifts for the Old-Fashioned Sewer

Some crafters don’t always want the newest, fanciest, highest-tech tool on the market. It’s okay to slow it down and go back to the basics. Does this sound like the sewer you’re shopping for? If so, keep reading to find the perfect gift for the old-fashioned, traditional sewer.

Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art

Sewing really is an art, and it should be treated as such. It’s not always about the most complicated design or the most efficient stitching. Sometimes it’s best to just slow it down and enjoy the craft.

That’s what Claire Wellesley-Smith’s book is all about: mindfully stitching. Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art brings sewing back to its basic techniques, tools, and materials. The book aims to bring the connection back into stitching—whether that’s with like-minded crafters or just re-establishing a relationship with yourself.

Mtsooning Metal Sewing Thimble Red Bronze

Thimbles are a necessary component of any sewer’s toolkit. These metal caps protect your fingers when working with sharp needles and pins all day long.

This aged-looking red bronze Mtsooning thimble is handmade and magically ornate. The fine floral and ribbon bow detailing around the base is antique and timeless. This thimble looks like a lost treasure, making it the perfect gift for an old-school sewer.

Simplicity Vintage Fashion 60s Tin Box Travel Sewing Kit

Nothing stays classic like a vintage 60s comics complete with witty slogans and all. That’s why this tin sewing box makes such a great gift for a traditional sewer.

This mini sewing kit has the phrase “To sew or not to sew… What a silly question!” adorned on the front. You don’t just get an empty tin with this one, though. It also comes with a pair of scissors, a thimble, six spools of thread, a tape measure, a seam ripper, and eight needles. Not only will your beloved sewer have a cute keepsake but also an emergency travel sewing kit.

Allen Designs Vintage Stitch Sewing Machine Pendulum Wall Clock

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re doing what you love, which is why this wall clock is a wonderful addition to a sewer’s workspace—or any space. The vintage sewing machine model of this clock is perfectly endearing and quirky. The swinging scissor pendulum takes this decor to the next level.

When looking at this clock, it’s always time to sew.

Gifts for the Modern Sewer

New isn’t always better, but sometimes it is. Whether it’s new-age stitching methods or advanced, incredibly user-friendly technology, there is a lot to be said for modernity in the sewing world.

If your beloved sewer always has to have the newest, highest-tech accessories, continue looking through this list for some gift ideas. They deserve the best of the best, and you can give it to them.

Urban Quilting: Quilt Patterns for the Modern-Day Home

Urban Quilting is the ultimate guide for sewers, new and old. It acts as a guide in seamlessly (pun not intended, but happily welcomed) blending the traditional craft with modern styles and techniques. The book features 10 different quilt designs composed of bold, geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Each design comes with patterns for three different sizes.

Wendy Chow provides straightforward instructions with detailed diagrams to make your sewing experience easy breezy. The book also shares some interesting history about how quilting has changed over the ages and became the modern art that it is today.

Urban Quilting will be released on January 19, 2021, but in the meantime, it is available for pre-order.

Lighting EVER Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Great lighting is necessary for great sewing and quilting. It’s the difference between catching tiny details and missing them completely. The Lighting EVER desk lamp is sleek, intuitive, and ergonomic.

Seven different brightness levels and a smart memory function that remembers the user’s most recent lighting level is what makes this lamp so unique. It’s easy to dim this model by using the sensitive touch panel to find your perfect brightness. It’s not just a lamp—it’s a workspace companion.

The LED lights are flicker-free and non-glare to provide the ultimate comfort and protection from eye fatigue. On top of that, the aluminum lamp head and arm disperse the heat from the lamp and protect the LED light to encourage longevity.

Plus, the lamp transforms into just about every possible position. The lamp head rotates 270°, the arm moves 150°, and the base turns 340°.

PGG Cordless Electric Hand Massager Machine

After a long day of intense stitching, your loved one’s hands might get pretty achy and cramped. An electric hand massager can help relieve some of the tension and pain.

The machine features soothing heat therapy that stimulates blood flow to the hand, easing muscle tightness and numbness while comfortably warming the hands. Air pressure massage takes place thanks to small airbags inflating to work on the hands and fingers. It’s easy to customize the massage experience, too, with two kinds of thermal regulation and three intensity choices. It’s the perfect way to decompress!

SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine

If you want advanced and modern, the SINGER Quantum Stylist computerized portable sewing machine can deliver just that. Any sewing dream out there can become a reality thanks to this machine. It comes with a diverse choice of stitches, ranging from basic to decorative. This is perfect for making clothing, quilting, or home decor.

The high-speed machine also features ever-convenient automatic needle threading. This can save your favorite sewer some stress and severe squinting—we’ll call that a huge win.

The machine also comes with several accessories to achieve the perfect stitch every single time.

Final Thoughts

To achieve the perfect gift for the sewer or quilter in your life, it’s beneficial to know a bit about their style, skill level, or technological preferences. This helps to pinpoint the best and most suitable gift for your loved one. If you’re still unsure, you can’t go wrong with basics or items that need refills like a new sharp rotary cutter, colorful spools of thread, or a magnetic pin cushion.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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