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12 Best Gifts for Barbers (2023 Buyer’s Guide)

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year unless you have no idea what to get for presents. Many times, the best gifts are personalized and practical to your friend or family member’s lifestyle. What would be the best gifts for barbers?

The best gifts for barbers are tools that they can use in their workplace or at home. These tools can include razors, combs, aprons, or any other gadgets that will be handy in the shop. Other great gifts will be homages to their profession, such as shirts or pieces of decor. 

This article will explain what to keep in mind when shopping for gifts and discuss the best gifts for price, decor, practicality, and a few other factors. By the end of the article, you will have at least one gift idea that will suit the barber you are shopping for.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Christmas Gifts for Barbers


When buying any Christmas gift, you will have to consider what kind of tone you are going for, and this will depend on who you are buying for. A practical gift is always appreciated since it shows you care about their success and value their needs. On the other hand, many people enjoy a fun gift that isn’t necessarily practical but reminds them that you want to make them smile.


The next thing to consider is cost. The price range can also depend on who you are buying for. Regardless of who you are buying for, it is good to keep in mind that you will have to pay a little more if you want a gift that will last for a few years. However, many affordable gifts will get across the message you want.

Best Overall: Leather Snap Tool Roll Up Bag

This unique leather roll-up bag is a great gift for barbers of all levels. It is made of high-quality leather and has 14 slots for all the storage a barber would need. There are both small and medium-sized pockets for tools of different sizes. It is a great pack to take while traveling since it is lightweight and functional. Since it has a high-quality finish, it will last a long time.

Reviewers rave about the make of the roll-up bag. The stitching is sturdy, and the leather is thick enough to hold heavier tools such as scissors. Even though it is a bit pricey, it is a gift that will be worth your money.

If you are looking for a roll-up bag for your barber friend but are not prepared to spend over one hundred dollars, check out the Purple Dragon Leather Roll Up Scissors Holder. This tool bag has just as good reviews as the first option. It comes in both black and grey leather.

Bottom Line: This is the most expensive gift on the list, but it is also the highest quality. If you are looking for a gift for someone special, this leather snap tool bag will be the best. Not only can they put tools in the bag, but it is stylish too.


  • High quality. This roll-up bag is made with high-quality leather.
  • Durable. This bag has sturdy stitching, and the leather is thick, which will help it last a long time.
  • Lots of storage. With 14 slots, this bag will accommodate a variety of barber tools.
  • Lightweight. The roll-up bag is a great pack to take on the go since it is lightweight and compact.
  • Fashionable. Not only does the gift have a practical use, but it is stylish too with its tanned leather.


  • Expensive. Even though this is a great quality gift, it would be a bit too expensive to buy this for your barber. The product would be a gift more for family or a friend.
  • Small size. The biggest tool you can fit in the pack is 8 inches in length. The small size may pose difficulties if a barber has tall tools they would want to take on the go.

Best Bang for the Buck: BaBylissPRO Barberology Apron

If you are looking for a more practical gift, this barberology apron will be a perfect choice. It has over 850 5-star reviews. The apron is made of polyester and has a PVC base.

The material is lightweight but is also durable enough to last all day in a barbershop. This particular apron is great for keeping hair off of clothes. Lastly, it has three pockets to store scissors, combs, and other items a barber might need.

Bottom Line: This gift has some of the best customer reviews on the list. It is a cheap gift for the quality you will be receiving. This apron is the gift to get if you are unsure of what to buy since it will last the barber you are shopping for a long time.


  • Durable. The apron is made of polyester and has a PVC base. It is also water-repellent. All of these factors will increase the product’s life.
  • Storage. The apron has three pockets that can hold a variety of hair and shaving tools.
  • Cheap. This apron is an excellent price for the quality you are getting and much cheaper than many other salon-grade aprons.


  • Not as fashionable. If you are going for a more stylish gift, this won’t be it. The apron only comes in black and has a relatively bland design.
  • Not breathable. Although it is a durable material, this apron is not breathable. On hot days, you will be sweating.
  • Not as effective at preventing hair from getting stuck. A few reviews of the product have mentioned that they found hair between their clothes and the apron only after a few hair appointments.

Best Practical Gift: Saaqaans Professional Hair Cutting Scissors Set

If you want to get a pair of scissors for a barber to use but are okay with spending a bit more, this pair will be an excellent choice. The three-piece set comes with texturizing shears, a straight edge razor, one hair comb, and a scissors pouch.

This set will be great for both beginners and experts. The scissors are lightweight and designed to be comfortable and easy to use. You can also adjust the texturizing shears to fit the client’s hair needs.

Bottom Line: This is the perfect practical gift that a barber could use for years. It is a reasonable price for its value. Your barber can use this at home, at the salon, and for kids. Get this gift if you want tools that are suitable for everyone.


  • Affordable. The scissors are an easy gift to pick up for a friend because of its price. Just under thirty dollars, you get the bang for the buck with this scissor set.
  • Lightweight. This scissor set is perfect for a barbershop because of its lightweight and comfortable design. Both beginners and experts can use this gift.
  • Six months warranty. The product comes with a six-month warranty. You can also easily return it if your friend is not happy with the scissors.


  • Right-handed. The scissors are only suitable for right-handed barbers, so this will not be a suitable gift if your friend or barber is left-handed.
  • They require maintenance. After about a month of using the scissors, they will need sharpening. Otherwise, the cut will not be as smooth and straight.

Best Fun Gift: Funny Men’s Novelty Christmas Gift Barber Socks

These Christmas socks make for a cute stocking stuffer gift for family or friends. The socks have a grey base color with blue accents. There are small combs, scissors, and other barbershop icons on the socks. They come in sizes 8-14 and are crew length. Finally, the socks are 80% cotton, which allows for breathability.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a cheap gift, this pair of socks will be the way to go. If your barber loves a good laugh, these socks for men will be sure to bring them joy. They are also a bit practical since they can easily wear them to work.


  • Practical. These socks will be great for wearing at work.
  • Cheap. It can be hard to find good gifts under $15, but these socks won’t disappoint.
  • Quality Material. These barber socks are 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 3% spandex. This material will allow for breathability and durability.


  • One size fits all. The socks are one size fits all, so there will be a possibility that they will not fit your barber if they have smaller or larger feet than usual. The socks fit men in sizes 7-13.
  • One style. Even though the item comes in a variety of styles, it only has one option for barbers. If your friend loves bright colors, this may not be the gift for him.

Best Gift for Fashionistas: Facon Professional Leather Hair Cutting Hairdressing Barber Apron

If you are looking for a more stylish gift, check out this barber apron. You will find one that is right for your barber since there are three different colors: black, brown, and red. This fashionable apron is leather. The material will be fit for salon work.

Additionally, this apron has six pockets that can hold several items such as hair clips and scissors. This product is a long-lasting gift that is practical.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for both fashionable and practical, this leather apron will be a good choice. It is a durable material and will last the long days at the salon. The apron will be suitable for both men and women, which makes it a desirable gift option.


  • Three colors. The apron comes in three different colors, so you will be able to find one that suits whoever you are buying for.
  • Durable. This professional apron is premium leather, which is the perfect material for avoiding lasting stains.
  • Lifetime guarantee. This product comes with a standard lifetime return guarantee. If your barber is not happy with it for some reason, they can easily return it.


  • Oversized. If you are shopping for a petite person, keep in mind that this apron will fit a bit big. The neck strap, in particular, rests a bit tight.
  • Not suitable for long, sharp tools. This apron may not be ideal if your barber will need a lot of pocket storage. Long, sharp tools may poke holes in the lightweight material.

Best Customizable Gift: Custom Polo Performance Shirt Barber Pole Scissors Embroidery Design

This polo shirt is the perfect gift for a fashionable barber. It is a black polo shirt with a small embroidered barber pole and scissors logo on the left chest. You can also add a customized text to the shirt, like a name. The shirt would be a great gift to give multiple barbers in one shop as a sort of uniform.

This one of a kind shirt has an excellent price for something customizable. The shirt is 100% polyester, which will prevent any overheating or sweating. Lastly, the wrinkle-free material will make it a great business shirt.

Bottom Line: This barber polo shirt is the best option on this list if you are looking for a unique and customizable gift. The gift is creative, but it is also convenient for anyone working at a barbershop.


  • Locally made. These stylish polo shirts are locally made and embroidered in Florida.
  • Breathable material. Especially for busy days at the barbershop, breathable material is a must. The polo shirt is made of quick-dry polyester to ensure comfort.
  • Affordable. Many customizable shirts are over $35, while this sleek shirt is only under $30.


  • One design. The product only comes in one color with one design. The lack of styles makes it difficult to pick and choose colors that will suit different personalities.
  • Expensive bulk gift. The polo is the perfect gift for a team; however, there is no bulk deal. A set of three for a team would cost over $90.

Hair Dresser Decor Sign

If you are looking for a more simple gift, this hairdresser decor sign will be a great option. It reads, “Good hair isn’t by accident, it’s by appointment.”

This fun decor is perfect for those who own a barbershop. Your barber could even hang it up on the wall for customers to take photos with. The wooden sign measures 6″ x 8″ x 1.5″ and can either be hung up or placed to stand on the shelf. The sign is a more affordable gift.

Sanis Enterprises Silver Barber Chair Desk Clock

This barber chair desk clock is at a great price range for a friend. It resembles a barbershop chair and has a square clock on the backrest, measures 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 3.5″, and is a great little trinket to place on a desk.

Keep in mind that for this gift, you will have to buy the battery separately. This gift is for barbers who appreciate aesthetics and decorations. It would also be a cute ornament for placing on the Christmas tree.

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Barber Pole Glass Blown Ornaments

The old world Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to decorate a barber’s tree. This small gift makes for a great stocking stuffer. If you are also looking for something to give to the barber who cuts your hair, this is a perfect little trinket that will brighten up their day. Finally, reviewers rave about the fine detail of the ornament. This quality gift will not disappoint.

Barber Shop Clock Vinyl Record Barbering Hairdresser

This gift would be a unique addition to any barbershop. It is a unique vinyl clock that would make any hip barber happy. It has a minimalist design that stands out with its classic barbershop icons.

You will not have to worry about quality when it comes to this gift. The clock is made in Europe and uses a vintage vinyl record instead of plastic. Lastly, the clock is lightweight, which makes it easy to hang up just about anywhere.

Scented Candles for Men – Old Time Barber Shop

If you are looking for a gift geared explicitly towards males, this candle set will be a suitable option. The scents of these candles will remind you of thick shaving cream, classic aftershave, and soft talc powder. The candles will be great for either the home or barbershop since they can last up to 30 hours.

The candles are natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and cotton candle wicks. These high-quality candles are worth its price tag since they are handmade in the USA. Finally, the candles will not pose any health risks since they are free of harmful chemicals, such as lead.


There are many great gifts that you can get for a barber, but the best overall gift would be the Leather Snap Tool Roll Up Bag. This gift is very thoughtful since it is both practical and stylish. Even though this is a bit pricey, another option would be the Purple Dragon Leather Roll Up Scissors Holder. Both have the same concept and can hold a lot of tools. However, the purple dragon leather holder is much cheaper.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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