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23 Best Gifts for Journalists in 2023

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With the holidays fast approaching, it’s not uncommon to worry about finding the perfect gift. When it comes to gift-giving, a personal touch can make all the difference. But what could be some of the things a journalist may need?

The best gifts for journalists may not be something they need, but rather something they want. Notebooks, personalized pens, and coffee cups will always be safe options. For something a little more outside of the box, some good choices could be funky T-shirts or writing-related software.

We’ve gathered a comprehensive list of 23 fun, practical and unique gifts for the writer or journalist in your life and at any price point. With some under $5 and others closer to $100, there is a gift here for close friends and acquaintances alike.

Gift Sets (3)

Many places offer a number of excellent gifts and sets designed specifically for writers. Most are available online and can be shipped straight to the recipient, cutting out your need to receive, wrap, and ship. Buying a gift set is an excellent way to include a few things in one gift, and they often come in a nice box or bag with some kind of gift card.

1. Author Handmade Leather Gift Set

This handmade, personalized, leather-bound notebook with a stainless steel pen is as practical as it is beautiful. The leather binding is soft and flexible, with a leather strap to keep it closed. The sleeve includes a handy slot, so the user is never without a pen. It also includes a leather bookmark to access the most recent works quickly.

Available with or without personalization, this lovely package comes in a gift box, making it a fantastic and professional looking gift set. Personalization can include initials or even a two-line quote.

Opinions Available
No Personalization
One-line inscription
Two-line inscription

2. The Ultimate Writer Gift Set

This gift set includes fun and useful items for writers. It can include notebooks, notepads, a mug, candles, and more with three different options. Packaged in a gift box and available to be shipped to the recipient, it is both thoughtful and practical.

The small box includes:

1 ‘Famous female authors’ Pencil Set
1 ‘I’m silently correcting your grammar’ Button
1 ‘Just one more chapter’ wooden bookmark
One 30-page memo pad
Two vinyl stickers with the quote ‘This weekend is going to be LIT-erary’ and a ‘Blue vintage typewriter’.
1 Gift Box with crinkle filler paper

The medium box includes:

6oz tin candle
1 ‘Famous female authors’ Pencil Set
2 Buttons with the quotes ‘There, they’re, their’ and ‘I’m silently correcting your grammar’.
1 ‘The writer’ soy candle
1 ‘Write!’ notebook
1 ‘Just one more chapter’ wood bookmark
1 ‘Blue vintage typewriter’ Sticker
1 Gift Box with crinkle filler paper

The large box  includes:

9oz glass candle
1 ‘Sometimes it’s okay to tear a page out and start fresh’ Coffee/Tea Mug
1 ‘Writer’ glass soy candle
1 ‘Write!’ notebook
One 30-page memo pad
2 Buttons with the quotes ‘There, they’re, their’ and ‘I’m silently correcting your grammar’.
1 ‘Blue vintage typewriter’ sticker
1 ‘Just one more chapter’ bookmark
1 ‘Famous female authors’ pencil set
1 Gift Box with crinkle filler paper

3. Starbucks Gift Set

For writers, coffee is usually a safe choice. This set includes two reusable Starbucks to-go cups and a selection of Starbucks instant coffee, along with a pack of chocolates. Available with many themed cards, such as Christmas and Anniversary, it can be sent right to their door.

An excellent option here could be to include a Starbucks gift card that you can purchase and add to the box separately. Additionally, the recipient can use the to-go cups and receive money off their order in stores.

Costing just $35, this will surely please the coffee-loving journalist in your life.

Travel Accessories (4)

For many journalists, travel will become a regular part of their work. Whether driving to a different state or having to fly out of the country, they have to go where the story takes them.

Unfortunately, travel can often be stressful, especially in the current climate. Make things easier for them with one of the following travel-related gifts.

1. World Travel Adapter Kit

This world travel adapter kit is key to international travel. For journalists, the need to be connected is vital at all times, and with this adapter kit, they will never be without a power supply.

Containing several AC and USB plugs, they ensure your digital products can be safely used in North America, the United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and China, among other countries.

2. Packing Cubes for Travel (9 PCS)

This nine-piece luggage organizer set includes:

19-inch large clothes bag
15.5-inch medium clothes bag
14.4-inch small clothes bag
14-inch underwear bag
12-inch accessories bag
15-inch laundry bag
15-inch shoe bag
10-inch electronics bag
12-inch toiletry pouch

This set will make packing and unpacking a breeze and is available in several colors, including blue, grey, pink, and beige. The electronics pouch is padded with straps and pockets for easier access, and the fabric is waterproof.

Each cube is soft and will compress when empty or not in use, costing just below $20. They are lightweight and will fit in both carry-on and larger suitcases for a more organized trip.

3. Personalized RFID Passport Holder 2 Matching Luggage Tag Set

For the frequent flyer, this set includes a passport holder with space for cash, cards and documents, and a set of two luggage tags to help identify your bags.

Personalization can include a name on a black or marble background or a picture of your choosing. The cover and tags will all match for just under $25.

The passport cover is water-resistant and will protect your cards from potential theft with RFID Blocking Technology. Although having everything within reach when traveling is handy, it can lead to skimming or theft. The RFID technology will protect cards from any intrusions.

4. Proglobe Travel Pillow Kit With Pure Memory Foam

For the journalist that is a frequent flyer, finding ways to be more comfortable in-flight is essential. Costing just under $10, this set includes:

An ergonomic, memory foam neck pillow
Two European travel adapters
Comfortable earplugs
Memory foam eye mask

The whole kit fits inside of a mesh carry-case, which is lightweight and compact. The pillow rolls up and stores away easily when not in use. The case has a small strap with a clip to attach to bags and luggage.

Gifts for the House (4)

While so many of us are working from home, why not make it more comfortable? From useful tables to plants that make the workspace brighter, these gifts will make their workday a little easier.

1. Lap Table Laptop Pad for Bed With Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest Laptop Pillow

Working from home often means looking for new places to work. There are only so many hours a person can sit behind a desk. With this super comfortable lap table, a writer can work comfortably on the couch or even in bed.


With a mouse pad, wrist rest, anti-slip mats, and slots for a phone, book, or tablet, this is the ultimate portable desk. The padding underneath is tapered, giving a gentle slope for more comfortable use and space for the knees to avoid overheating.

This desk includes free shipping and guarantees delivery within two to three weeks.

2. Bliss Gardens Succulent Terrarium Kit With Moss and River Rocks

It may seem like a small thing, but having plants in the house has been proven to boost productivity, reduce stress, and are thought to be therapeutic to care for. However, certain plants are challenging to care for and may die if the owner goes out of town.

Succulents make beautiful and hassle-free gifts. They require minimal care, and when in a glass container with rocks and moss, make a lovely but unobtrusive addition to a workstation.

3. Aquanotes Waterproof Notepad

Taking notes is a crucial part of writing stories, and you never know when inspiration will strike. With these waterproof note pads, a journalist can take notes in the shower or out in the rain. For less than $10, they will never be caught out.

The handy suction cups make them a great, silly, yet practical shower accessory. It also comes with an aqua pen.

4. Writer’s Clock

This clock is a fun gift to give any writer. Time-tracking is important as a journalist, with deadlines being so strict. With this clock, they can keep track of their day and have a little fun while doing it.

The face includes fun’ reminders,’ such as “review,” “edit,” and “submit,” along with the funnier “consider a new career,” and “more coffee.” This is the kind of gift that will be used fondly for years to come. Here’s a slightly different version of the same clock.

Subscriptions (4)

Whether working from home or on the move, these subscriptions will make working easier and smarter. They will also make downtime far more enjoyable because finding ways to unwind is just as important as productivity.

1. Grammarly

When working on any article, most writers and journalists will often overlook small mistakes. From simple spelling errors to grammatical mistakes, there are many things to look out for during editing.

Grammarly Premium, and other online writing tools, will go through the entire document to find any errors. It looks for spelling and grammatical mistakes, but it also looks for clarification and tone changes. For example, it may suggest a different wording if a sentence does not make total sense.

Grammarly has a free option and an app which will check a document in and out of the browser. However, this option does not allow for more in-depth editing. Premium costs as low as $11.66 per month when bought annually and will check everything from consistency, tone, and plagiarism.

2. Master Writer

This writing tool helps writers to create the best, most unique work possible. It includes a dictionary, thesaurus, phrase dictionary, and formatting tips. It will help in the event of writer’s block, help find better phrasing, and offers a split-screen display allowing for editing while keeping work available.

The filters will assist in narrowing down the best words, phrases, speech patterns, and synonyms. It is a great way to organize and plan out a project, along with helpful editing tools.

3. Kindle Unlimited

Reading is as much part of the job as writing when it comes to journalists. Being up to date on stories and relevant topics are crucial to producing relevant content. Kindle Unlimited offers unlimited reading on all of Amazon’s selections, including magazines and audiobooks.

A vast selection of books, magazines, and audiobooks is available to download to Kindle, tablets, and phones and can be consumed from anywhere, even when offline.

4. Amazon Prime

A subscription to Amazon Prime includes:

Free delivery
Exclusive deals
Prescription savings
Access to movies and TV shows
Ad-free songs
Access to a number of free books

An Amazon Prime subscription gift will make deliveries, entertainment, and on-the-go access available to the recipient 24/7. For the journalist in your life, this will be a fantastic option when working from home or traveling for a story.

Digital Courses & Products (2)

Sometimes an educational-type gift is better than material things. Journalist are always looking for new ways to make money, build new connections, and learn more about their industries. Continued education in the form of digital courses, tutorial, and other relevant training products are great!

1. How To Earn More! Writing For a Living

Earning money as a writer and journalist can sometimes be difficult. Here is a great course that helps struggling journalists discover potential mistakes they could be making (without necessarily realizing them) and keeping them from making more money.

Depending on the situation of the journalist, this might be a great gift for them!

2. How To Make Money Writing Easy Articles!

This particular training can be great for a traveling journalist and teach them how to make some extra cash writing shorter and easier pieces of content (articles).

Stocking Stuffers (8)

Are you looking for something small for a colleague or a secret Santa gift for a writer? These fun little stocking stuffers make the perfect inexpensive presents for journalists and writers alike.

1. The Coloring Book for Writers: Writing Prompts to Launch Your Creativity

This combination of coloring and writing prompts will help with unwinding and kick-starting a blocked mind. Coloring is thought to relax the mind and help to reduce stress and anxiety. It is also believed to improve focus, making it a great way to return to work after being stuck calmly.

2. Journalist Mug, Transcriptionist Gift

This fun mug features a typewriter and the quote “may I quote you on that?” Just $14.96 and available in both black and white, this would make the ideal stocking stuffer for a journalist. It could be given alone in a little gift bag or filled with chocolates for an extra treat.

3. Journalism Matters Gift for Journalist

Both appropriate and functional, this shirt allows writers to represent themselves and their industry proudly. Available as a T-shirt, tank top, and hoodie, the message is more relevant than ever in today’s climate. Prices range from $24-$42.40.

Photo by Block Merch

4. GETIHU Power Bank

Chances are, a journalist will be out running down a story more than sitting behind a desk. Running out of battery is the last thing they need when a deadline is approaching. With this power bank, they never have to worry about their phone dying. Compatible with everything from smartphones to AirPods, it has a digital display to show how much battery life is left. For just under $20, it has a charge that will last for days.

5. SKYDUE Desk Calendar 2022

For many people, having a physical calendar to track targets and appointments helps a great deal with the organization. This desk calendar provides room on each day of the month to add goals, deadlines, and meetings, along with colorful stickers to help keep track of everything.

6. Reusable Zero Waste Waterproof Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag

Lightweight, waterproof, and designed to look like a folded newspaper, this lunch bag is the perfect gift for a journalist. The bag closes by rolling down the top and securing closed, keeping any spills inside. It is easily wiped clean and will fold away when not in use. For just $33.50, the recipient will have an environmentally friendly way to bring their lunch to work.

Photo by Telando

7. Personalized Rosewood Two Pens, & Mail Opener Gift Set

With an engraving on both the box and the pens, these engraved pen gifts are personal and very practical. Even with the increased use of electronics, journalists will always need to take handwritten notes, and with these, they can do it in style!

8. Journalism Sticker

The vinyl sticker reads, “The Truth Should Enlighten, Not Offend #journalism” and is designed for use on a laptop. It is a beautiful little gift that is enlightening, encouraging, and any journalist would be proud to display it.

Photo by Decollective


When shopping for the journalist in your life, remember to look for both thoughtful and practical things. There are several ways to help make their jobs easier, from fun notebooks and personalized pens to subscriptions to writing software.

When looking for something more fun, there are several outstanding options, such as mugs, T-shirts, and small plants for the home office. With any of the gifts on this list, they will appreciate the thought that was put into finding it.

Plenty of Gift Ideas!

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